Best Of 2022

Until the place decides to start charging a cover, you might as well give this award to Dunedin Brewery every year. Whether it’s Devin the Dude, a jazz supergroup or even Wu-Tang’s GZA playing chess with fans, no place offers more unique shows for free-99. With the opening of the neighboring Moontower venue, things are looking even better for Pinellas music fans.


Winner: The Black Honkeys
2. Pusha Preme
3. The Wandering Assassins Crossfire Creek
Winner: The Applebutter Express
2. Have Gun Will Travel
3. Crossfire Creek Band
Winner: Uncle Johns Band
2. Pitbull Toddler
3. The Spazmatics
Winner: COCKTail St. Pete
2. Blur Nightclub
3. The Ritz Ybor
Winner: Abortion Twins
3. The Headtones
Winner: Jon Ditty
2. Pusha Preme
3. They Hate Change
Winner: Uncle Johns Band
2. Electric Soul Therapy
3. Elysian Sex Drive
Winner: Corner Bar & Grill
2. CJ's on the Island
3. LaLa
Winner: Dave Flash Morgan
2. Lisa Hutchins
3. Will Blackshear