Best Of 2022

People, Places and Politics

People, Places and Politics
Winner: Gabby Bakes
2. Booze & Bubbles
3. Pop Goes the Waffle
Winner: Angie Soul
2. Outdoorsy Diva
3. What’s Cooking With Julie
Winner: Thomas Mantz - Feeding Tampa Bay
2. Steve Weintraub
3. Laurie Stogniew
Winner: St. Petersburg
2. Dunedin
3. Tampa

Winner: USF
2. St. Petersburg College
3. University of Tampa

Winner: Stephanie Hayes
2. Andrew Harlan
3. John Romano
Winner: Dunedin Community Center
2. METRO Inclusive Health
3. Largo Community Center

Winner: Florida Botanical Gardens
2.Dunedin Community Garden
3. Seminole Heights Community Gardens
Winner: Boss Lady Cosplays
2. Kelli Lynn Luckey
3. Starlight Darling Cosplay