Alcohol-infused chocolate milk has many reliving their youth "at 40 proof"

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The only downside to this childhood thirst-quencher for adults? The price: A one-liter unrefrigerated bottled sells at a price of $23.99. That's a lot more expensive than the kiddie version.

However, the cost hasn’t seemed to damper the beverage’s popularity, as the website lists 19 states where thirsty customers can seek to “escape from adulthood.” Although Florida isn't currently on the list, the company shows promise for expansion and the site reveals online ordering options for any who are missing out.

The Facebook page is another indication of the drink's popularity: it's attracted close to 2,000 fans, who retell their positive experience with the drink.

With Adult Chocolate Milk rising in popularity, the Adult Beverage Company plans to make other alcohol-infused childhood drinks, including: Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch and Adult Limeade. Release dates are not listed as of yet. For more information, check out the Adult Chocolate Milk homepage.

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Turning a classic childhood drink into an adult favorite is as easy as adding booze. The newest instance of this is Adult Chocolate Milk, which features 40-proof vodka that adds a twist to the kid-inspired favorite, chocolate milk.

According to the official website, the beverage was created by Tracy Reinhardt — a California mom with a knack for mixing. The drink ignited fast interest when she debuted it on Facebook, “Tracy is enjoying some Adult Chocolate Milk.” Her friends’ inquiry into the recipe sparked the idea to bottle and market the beverage for purchase. Tracy is now one of the founders of the Adult Beverage Company in California.

The Daily News reports that since then, the drink has hit the shelves of California Costco and has become a popular beverage among many celebrities, including R&B artist and product spokesman Ginuwine. The company’s advertising campaign consists of the singer adorning a modernized milkman’s outfit with Adult Chocolate Milk featured in a retro glass milk bottle and swing top. Ginuwine also introduces the product slogan “Re-Taste Your Youth at 40 Proof.” According to The Luxist, future advertising plans include billboards on the Vegas Strip.

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