Antonio's top 10 female celebs I'd....roger?

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8. Keira Knightly - Two words:  Pirates.....pirates.

7. Vanessa Marcil -  I'm one of 4 people who watched Las Vegas on NBC.  Oh, so hot!

6. Summer Glau - Come've never imagined a Terminator sex doll?

5. Megan fox - Tattoos = sex.  nuff said.

4.  Eva Mendes - I bet she does anal

***local celebs start here***

3. Stormy Daniels - Tampa's own porn star...I hear she gives great head!  I even bumped into her at International Mall!  Total spinner.

2. Virginia Johnson - While she's not the hottest girl at first glance, she has that bangin' Louisiana accent that comes out on the morning show with Fischer and Boy (97.1 FM)

1. Danielle Belusky - Wow....morning show girl that plays hard to get AND likes being pushed around in bed?  Is she hot?  Yep.  Count me in!

As I said before, I'm drunk.  Sorry!  And local celebs....send me a message and I'll apoligize under my non-pen-name :p

I was at a loss for this week's top 10 list.  A friend of mine suggested a 'top 10 top 10 lists.'   My wife suggested 'top 10 local celebrities I'd fuck'.  I liked that idea, but could only think of three locals I'd do (see 1-3 on my list).  With that in mind, I drank several beers and added 7 that are more famous (pardon any typos!!!QW$#$%).

So here it is....

10. Cindy Crawford - In college, there was no other I'd rather smother.

9. Jennifer Lopez - Everyone remembers the dress.  Where's a sex-tape when you need one?

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