Antonio's top 10: great places to screw that might get you arrested

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Top 10 Places to Screw (shag, bone, wank, fuck, have sex, you get it)...that might get you arrested!

  • At a Chrysler dealership - They'll be gone before you know it.  Gotta get on this one fast!

  • KFC Restroom - Kentucky Fried Chicken!  Bring the original recipe to an establishment near you!  I hear they have new grilled chicken?!

  • At your old high school - I don't care if it's the caffeteria or in study hall...this is always a fun throwback fuck!

  • In church (preferably the confessionals) - Give yourself something WORTH confessing Catholics!

  • At a funeral home - Everybody screws AFTER funerals.  Why not add another stiff to the party?

  • At the strip club - No sex in the Champagne room?  Depends on how much cash you bring and who's watching!

  • The back of a volkswagen - Wait, that's uncomfortalbe places to have sex.  How about a police car instead?

  • On a Ferris wheel - Screw with a view!  Just make sure the kids aren't watching!

  • While driving on the highway - Ahem...this is easier than it sounds, especially in an SUV...A friend told me.

  • While dancing at a club - This one's just HOT.  Lift the skirt and slide it in!  Drinks help this one along!  This one wins in my book as the best thrill!

And, that's it!  Check back on Friday for a real blog post!  Don't forget to comment with ideas for next week!

To appease my fans (yes, all 7 of you), I've decided that every Wednesday I'll do a Top 10 list.  To make it even more interesting, I'll take comments from the previous week and incorporate it into the following week's countdown.  Pretty freakin' sweet, right?  

So, here goes....

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