Bacon cologne: The new frontier of fragrance

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The Fargginay company has produced two distinct bacon fragrances, Bacon Gold and Bacon Classic -- Gold having "spicy maple aroma" and Classic having "sizzling citrus" notes. A bottle of either could be yours for only $36 direct from their website.

To be fair to the product, the website explains that the fragrance does not actually make you smell like you just bathed in a frying pan. They explain that, "these are sophisticated aromas, comprised of essential oils, flowers, herbs and the essence of bacon." The bacon is what they call the bottom note, hidden under the other more potent aromas, but still tantalizing enough to subconsciously draw out warm, fuzzy memories of a crackling kitchen favorite. A customer reviewing the product on the website claimed that she actually preferred the Bacon Gold scent to the musky cologne her boyfriend normally wore.

It seems that bacon is really the fragrance of the future, utilizing an aroma that everyone naturally loves to create a scent for men and women alike.

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It all began in 1920, when Parisian butcher John Fargginay accidentally came across an interesting aroma. By combining a super secret recipe of eleven different pure essential oils with the essence of bacon, he was able to create a scent that would, "dramatically elevate his customers' mood." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Fargginay invented bacon cologne.

This may seem like a belated April Fool’s Day joke, and believe me I thought it was, but the makers of this fragrance maintain that it is a sophisticated product, which can be found at “high quality retailers across the planet.” The Fargginay website goes into an explanation on why you would want to smell like bacon, considering how for most people the smell of bacon triggers a memory of home. Returning to John Fargginay, the original manufacturer, he would sell this “magical elixir” to film stars and heads of state alike. Apparently, smelling like bacon is a lucrative business maneuver as well as a career booster!

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