Best frickin' chocolate on the planet

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Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate... the one with the sad looking chimpanzee on the package. At 72 percent cocoa content, it's elegant and creamy and tastes like homemade bittersweet cocoa pudding. It coats the tongue, melting in your mouth (but also in your hands if you dilly-dally), leaving a slightly sweet yet bitter residue that keeps on giving like a well-structured wine.

Best of all, it's enjoyment relatively without guilt. Their website says:

"This 3oz. dark chocolate bar is made with all-natural, shade-grown, ethically traded supreme dark chocolate... The chimpanzee artwork from Judi Rideout is printed on recycled paper. The chocolate is ethically or fair traded guaranteeing the workers fair wages and humane working conditions. This product is also certified Kosher by Orthodox Union. On the inside of the label you can learn about the plight of the chimpanzee as well as additional information on Endangered Species Chocolate's core value, Reverence for Life, conservation tips and coupons for other Endangered Species Chocolate products." 

The chimpanzee version can be difficult to find - they also have a panther, lion and many other animals but don't be duped by the cute faces, they aren't as good - so search for the right one, buy a couple bars and growl at people who try to snatch some. I find it at the Publix on Neptune & Dale Mabry in South Tampa, in the Greenwise section for around $4 for a 3-oz. bar. For a wine pairing, try any high octane, super fruity zinfandel or a lighter, not so sweet late harvest zinfandel like the Dashe Late Harvest Zinfandel I wrote about this week.

I eat a lot of chocolate... not mounds of it at one sitting like a PMS'ed tub of lard, but a a few squares of rich dark chocolate beautifully strokes my sweet tooth. So I'm particular about what enters this mouth -  it better be amazing. I've spent easily hundreds of dollars - and about two years of effort - finding the best dark heaven and uncovered it, not at some gourmet, hoity-toity place but at grocery stores in Tampa. The winner is:

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