CL's staff bake-off and the hamburger cake

[image-1]Kristina Woo, CL's Sales and Marketing specialist, whipped this cake up with little fuss, and almost no real cooking. Here are the steps to bake-off success:

Bun: One box of store-bought cake mix, two round cake pans, one sprinkling of Rice Crispies (the sesame seeds on top).

Meat: One box chocolate cake mix, two round cake pans.

Mayo = whipped cream; ketchup = red tube icing; pickles = kiwi slices; tomatoes = strawberry slices; cheese = mango slices; lettuce = coconut shreds dyed green with food coloring.

If you're an overachiever (which she is) you can throw in a side of fries (which she did).

Even with all that simple creative genius, the result was a three-way tie. (I voted for the hamburger, but the tres leches tasted better.)

More pics, thanks to James Ostrand), below.


Last week here at CL HQ, we had a bake-off for the staff members. I didn't participate (it wouldn't have been fair, really), but the field was narrowed down to three finalists. Earlier this week, they had a show-down. The desserts ranged from meh to tasty (in my critical opinion), but one of the entrants showed just how easy it can be to wow an office full of hungry folk.

Learn the simple steps to creating fabulous, show-stopping Hamburger Cake, after the break:

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