Dreaming of booze

Dream Momma guesses you are swimming in the little pond of beer-guzzlers like most guys. Oh well, we can all dream can’t we?

But wait! Perhaps this is a validation dream. Perhaps you are the shark cruising the bars and lounges for prey and all those little fish guys better watch out!

Or wait again! Perhaps this is a warning dream, a dream that is telling you, “look out my good man, you are a solitary drinker hitting the hard stuff. Beware!”

Dreams are interesting that way aren’t they? Anyway, Dream Momma suggests you think about all the above. If it’s door number one (the compensation) then that’s good. We all need compensation dreams in this screw-the-little-guy world. If it’s door number two the dream is telling you that you are on top of the food chain and may not know it. Go get 'em!

Finally, and Dream Momma suspects this is the sad truth (sorry), if it is door number three, your well-intentioned unconscious is telling you to back off the hard stuff and get back to your gang of beer-drinking buddies. There’s safety in numbers.

Dream Momma

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Watch for the book, The Dream belongs to the Dreamer, Winter, 2010

“DM, I had a dream last night I was shark and the ocean was Jack Daniels and every one else was a fish inside pitchers of beer. Weird” (sic)

This one’s easy. It’s a compensation dream. Dream Momma understands that every man secretly wants to be a manly man, drink hard, play hard, and make a good-looking corpse but, unless you're in the James Dean category, forgetaboutit. This is also about wanting to be special, unique, and a predatory survivor. The badass of the world so to speak. But alas,

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