Drink your way to better sex with 2 glasses of wine a day

A new study reported by dailymail.co gives wine drinkers another reason to act superior to the rest of us cheap beer guzzlers, and also provides bartenders another selling point for pushing a bottle over a glass. Women who drink two glasses of wine daily report better sex than those who drink one or none. While they may not actually be having better sex, the two glasses of wine may help these women believe they are.

Researchers out of the University of Florence, surveyed 800 Tuscan women between 18 and 50 at Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital. Women who drank two glasses of wine daily scored an average of 27.3 out of a possible 36 on the Female Sexual Function Index, which measures women's sexual health based on things like arousal, orgasm and pain. This was two points higher than one glass a day drinkers, and three points higher than non-drinkers.

New research is constantly coming out regarding the benefits or ills of wine. Another study also reported by the dailymail found that one large glass of wine a day increases women's risk of breast cancer by a fifth. Two glasses raises it by more than a third and three glasses nearly doubles your chances of getting breast cancer.  Research has also gone back and forth in attempt to prove that the antioxidants in wine will reduce your risk of heart disease.

I have no reason to doubt these findings, but I must raise a few points.

1) It's a little suspicious that this research comes out of Italy, a country known for its wine consumption and production.

2) I'll never fully believe any research based on self reporting, especially in regards to sex and alcohol.

3) Besides Italy and maybe France, where in the world does a large portion of the population drink two glasses of wine a day? In the U.S. if you consume two glasses of wine nightly you either make an above average income that allows you to purchase a new bottle every night, or you're a wino guzzling Boone's Farm from a paper bag at a bus-stop.

The research will be published in October's Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Read more at the dailymail.co

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