Ever feel like a sandwich?

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  • Conn Creek Anthology

So about feeling like a hot dog, not a bad thing if you pick being a dog at The Trop. Unless someone uses about 100 of those little relish packs, it's a pretty safe bet that you'll be able to handle whatever is pumped, spooned or squeezed on you. And The Trop now has wine served in real wine goblets. Yes, they're acrylic because glass can be hazardous with all those people bumping into you. The goblets are filled to the rim with either Fetzer Crimson Red Blend or Quartz White Blend — all you do is pull the tab, unwrap and sip. Both these wines are smooth and on the fruity side; perfect for cheering on the home team. (Go Rays!)
Fetzer in a Zipz
  • Fetzer in a Zipz

On those days when I want to feel loved by all, I imagine I'm a media noche. The soft egg bread flavor that holds what typically are the ingredients of a Cuban sandwich makes this meal alluring to all who try it. You can get a media noche at pretty much any Cuban restaurant in Tampa but they are hard to find in Pinellas County. Eating a media noche is a mouthwatering experience, pairing it with the Rioja Bordon Gran Reserva is climactic. The bread soaks up the wine's tannins and the mingled flavors highlight the savory meats. For extra special love, the media noche should be "a la plancha" — when the soft bread turns into a toasty, buttery crunchy treat that emphasizes the wine's spice and red berry flavors.
Bordon Rioja Gran Reserva
  • Bordon Rioja Gran Reserva

Sometimes we all get into that New York state of mind. For those days, one can only be The Skyscraper sandwich from Lucky Dill. What's screams The Big Apple more than two pieces of rye bread holding a mountain of steamed corned beef? Of course New Yorkers have that air of sophistication that calls for a pairing with the Halter Ranch Vineyard 2011 Côtes de Paso Blanc. This wine has a tinge of creaminess to it with hints of peach flavor both of which help wash down the tender beef and the dense bread. This one will definitely make you say "I'll have what she's having."
Halter Ranch Vineyard Côtes de Paso Blanc

  • Halter Ranch Vineyard Côtes de Paso Blanc

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Conn Creek Winery
Conn Creek Anthology

Ever feel like a sandwich? Wait! Don't run to the kitchen and make a sandwich. The question is literal not figurative. Do you sometimes imagine you're a ham and cheddar and being taken for granted? Or maybe you're a hot dog that is overloaded with all the fixings. You want to yell, "Hey, my bun can only hold so much before everything starts spilling over!"

Occasionally I am a roast beef sandwich. Not just any roast beef sandwich but The Beef Martini© from Wright's Gourmet. I like the idea that I exude mouthfuls of crispy bacon, roast beef and garlicky spread. What I like best is being paired with the Conn Creek 2008 Napa Valley Anthology. This is an amazing blend of cabernet sauvignon with some malbec, merlot, petite verdot and cabernet franc sourced from all the best vineyards in Napa Valley. Just like the sandwich, the combination of flavors makes for an outstanding taste experience that can't be found any place else.

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