How to cook a turkey, the preschool way

Brook has a different idea. Not quite in terms of how to cook that turkey, but she's being creative in her list of ingredients:

"Ingredients: sprinkles, seasoning and hot sauce"

"Directions: Bake at 1 degree for 2 hours".

Rachel favors "popsicles and candy" and doesn't hesitate to add that to the list of ingredients. For Xavier, it's "marshmallows" that need to be added, or the turkey wouldn't be good enough. He has a point.

Elena is more radical in her cooking style:

"Ingredients: salt, rice".

"Directions: Bake at 1000 degrees for 4 hours".

Probably for a nice, golden, crispy outer skin.

More subtle (from Ray):

"Ingredients: turkey, chicken"

"Directions: Bake at 1 degree for 1 minute".

And my personal favorite, courtesy of chef Andrew:

"Ingredients: turkey, eggs, milk, food coloring and chef's clothes"

"Directions: Open turkey, put food coloring in it, add eggs then put on chef's clothes. Put into oven on warm for 2 minutes."


I almost feel compelled to start with a disclaimer: Please, do NOT try this at home. I understand that if you landed on this page, most likely what you want are instructions on how to cook a turkey. Maybe you are busy preparing for Thanksgiving 2009. Or maybe you just want to know how to make the moistest, best bird ever.

Well, look no further, you have come to the right place.

For your reading pleasure, I am posting excerpts of my favorite cookbook. It is appropriately named: "how to cook a turkey!" and it is written by my 5-year old son's pre-K class.

Now, not all the recipes in this cookbook may be suitable for what you want to do. But, however, they are all worth a look.

So here are the kids' recipes on how to cook a turkey.

Julian writes:

"Ingredients: hot sauce, rice and broccoli"

"Directions: Bake at 16 degrees for 6 hours".

Many more after the break:

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