Liquid-nitrogen ice cream, sushi burritos on board for Armature Works market

Expect build-your-own options at both Zukku Sushi and Astro Ice Cream Co.

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Add sushi burritos and liquid-nitrogen ice cream to Armature Works' bill of Heights Public Market vendors. Astro Ice Cream Co. and Zukku Sushi — both joint ventures of Big City Events Monica Varner and Ferdian Jap, Ocean Prime sushi chef Gia Tran and investor Tony Nguyen  have these build-your-own options with seasonal ingredients planned for their recently revealed menus.

Tran is at the helm of Zukku's lineup, which includes the aforementioned burritos, plus customizable poke bowls, an offering Tampa Heights' neighboring Hall on Franklin will also carry once its doors open. To pull off their personalized creations, customers pick a vessel, base (nori, sushi rice, brown rice or salad), protein and topping (spicy tuna, tempura shrimp and wakeme among them), and sauce.

There's also a selection of 20 sushi rolls, burritos and bowls up the chef's sleeve.

"Zukku translates into a canvas or cloth that artists use to create amazing works of art, and at Zukku Sushi, you create your own edible works of art," said Jap in a statement.

As for Astro Ice Cream, all the Heights Public Market vendor needs to flash-freeze its made-to-order sweets — created in 6- to 8-ounce batches with liquid nitrogen — is about 10 seconds. Again, patrons will select a vessel (bowl, waffle cone or sweet bun), base (ice cream, yogurt, low fat or lactose-free), flavor (a mix of classic and more adventurous selections), and toppings, which Jap describes as "Instagram worthy," everything from gummy bears to Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

A classic ice cream sandwich, featuring vanilla between two sweet buns that get pressed in a panini maker, is one of the stall's expected signatures.

With 12 previously announced vendors, the Heights Public Market, located inside the 70,000-square-foot Armature Works building, is anticipating a summer opening.

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