Lust List 2014: Victoria Rozzi

Owner and bartender, The Bends, 31, engaged.

Editor’s Note: You know a photo shoot is off to a good start when Beyoncé is blaring through the speakers and the twist-off bottle of Spumante sparkling wine is flowing.

Are people surprised when you tell them how old you are?
Yes! I love when I tell guys that.

So you own the Bends?
I am one of the four owners of the bends. I’m the female face.

What is your favorite drink?
Tequila and bubbly, like prosecco. I used to drink Jameson but we broke up.

Your hubby-to-be, Matt Kaye [she, Kaye and two others own the Bends together], is originally from here, right?
We’ve been together for seven years and every few months he’d take me to Florida. I fell in love with St. Pete. I love the beach. We do staycations all the time, usually the Sirata because of their Jacuzzi. I’m a floozy for a Jacuzzi.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Late-night snacking. Sitting in bed eating ice cream. And Coca-Cola. I used to drink Diet but now I drink regular as a treat.

What did you study in college?
I went to Boston University, I’m wicked smart. I studied social anthropology with a minor in theater and Spanish.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?
I’m trying to plan a wedding. We’re thinking of calling it the seven-year-hitch.

Why do you love The Bends?
We started it so barebones with recycled materials. It’s really our soul. People want to dismiss it as a “hipster” bar. If “hipster bar” means creative young people coming together, that’s what it is. It’s a friendly place, and we’re a little family.

When you’re behind the bar and things are crazy, how do you stay calm?
I always use comedy to diffuse situations.

Where are yours and Matt’s favorite spots for a date night?
I love Bella Brava, it’s consistently good. We always go to Hook’s for sushi and Cycle Brewing.

How did you and Matt first meet?
We were working together at the same bar. It was my 25th birthday, he danced with me. We drank Jameson and made out in the closet.

What has changed in your relationship since you opened the bar together?
We’re closer than ever. We’re more patient with each other. It’s a fucking fairy tale [knocks on wood]. I’m very lucky to have met my soulmate.

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