MasterChef in tweets: A cow named Daisy, plus a twist in disguise

The cooking reality show delivered a much less-shouty episode.

click to enlarge Season 8 competitor Jeff Philbin of Tampa prepares Brussels sprouts for his Elimination Test dish. - Tyler Golden / FOX. © 2017 FOX Braodcasting.
Tyler Golden / FOX. © 2017 FOX Braodcasting.
Season 8 competitor Jeff Philbin of Tampa prepares Brussels sprouts for his Elimination Test dish.

Another week, another episode of MasterChef. Wednesday night's show, much less-shouty than last week, delivered a cow named Daisy in the kitchen (no, really) alongside a twist in disguise, with help from Texas rancher, and the latest Mystery Box Challenge winner, Newton.

Ahead of the Elimination Test, the judges instructed Newton to separate his 14 fellow home cooks into two groups: the seven strongest and the seven weakest. He did, and while Tampa marketing director Jeff Philbin ended up in the strong bunch, it wasn't exactly a good thing. Newton was then told he could either save the weakeast or strongest competitors. So, like most of us sensible viewers would do (every cook for herself, right?), the cowboy chose to have the strongest battle it out — with temperamental hanger steak — for their safe spaces on the balcony.

But before I pass on the full recap from my Twitter timeline (yes, you'll have to read 'em to find out whether our hometown contestant moved on in the series or not), you should know that Chicago addiction counselor Eboni killed it with her facial expressions during this week's episode, more so than New York dancer Dino, who's sorta become known for that. And: Philbin is really good at name-dropping Tampa on camera.

"We got a chili-espresso rub, Mexican-style street corn with a sweet potato hash," said the Carrollwood resident to judges Christina Tosi and Aarón Sánchez while preparing his Mystery Box ingredient, skirt steak. "Back home in Tampa I love entertaining people, and this is a dish that I've done for family and friends, so I think I can duplicate that again here."

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