New England company “soups up” soup

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New England Country Soups, a Vermont-based company, has brought Boston to Tampa Bay, via pouches of soup. The company was established by three foodie friends who desired delicious, nutritious soup with natural ingredients, minus excessive sodium. Once the foodie friends finalized the recipes, they were “souped up” in pouches. These pouches are BPA-free and microwavable, which is easy on you and the environment. You cannot find this soup in a can.

If you’re interested in tracking the ingredients in your soup, check out the Ingredient Tracker on the company website, and learn the origin of each ingredient.

New England Country Soups are available at Publix. If you’re not a chowder fan, don’t despair. Several other flavors are available. I sampled several for myself:
Chicken Corn Chowder — This is your best bet if you’re craving chowdah and/or are a fellow New Englander. It’s a creamy chicken base, slightly different from a typical chowder base, and contains large chunks of clam and dashes of coriander and cayenne pepper.
Sweet Chicken Curry — If you’re into Indian cuisine and don’t feel like heading to an Indian restaurant, try this curry-based soup, with chicken (obviously), basmati rice, carrots, tomatoes, apples and raisins. It’s thick and chunky, thanks to those hearty ingredients.
Caribbean Black Bean — Day-oh! “Visit” the Caribbean with Caribbean black bean soup. This flavor may be contradictory to the New England-based company, but it’s tasty just the same. You’ll get your fiber fix for the day; this soup is chock full of black beans, spiced by cumin, jalapenos and several other spices.

Sure, the weather has literally been running hot and cold lately, but on the next “cold” day, throw a pouch of New England Country Soup into the microwave, heat and pour into your favorite bowl. Then, slurp away!

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click to enlarge New England company “soups up” soup -
New England company “soups up” soup

I recently had the opportunity to sample soups from my native New England roots. Of course, New England doesn’t have their own cuisine per se, but they do have trademark dishes that come to mind when you think of New England, such as baked beans and clam chowder, or chowdah. (By the way, although Boston was dubbed Beantown, living in “Beantown” for twenty-five years, I can vouch that nobody refers to the city as that goofy moniker.)

Clam chowder is a popular comfort food, perfect during those freezing New England winters. There is nothing more comforting than slurping on a steamy bowl of creamy soup, loaded with chunks of clams, on a frosty evening.

click to enlarge New England company “soups up” soup -
New England company “soups up” soup

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