Off the Beaten Path: African Eateries Restaurant in Tampa

Considering the buzz about Tampa’s two Ethiopian restaurants, I was excited to find cuisine available from another African country- Nigeria.  Open for about two months, this small, cafeteria-style eatery is more of a home kitchen than a restaurant.  The same young lady that takes your order also cooks it and settles the bill at the end.  If the drink cooler had not been behind a counter, they might have suggested we help ourselves.  My friend Laurie says this makes it a micro-restaurant.

Some dishes are available with rice or with pounded yam: a large steaming ball of pale dough which we were told to tear and dip into the stews. There were spinach-based stews called Efo Riro and Efo Elegusi- each with distinct flavors. I thought the Riro was spicier. The Jollof rice was similar in appearance to some Spanish dishes and mildly spiced. There are also stewed beans, okra, African Mango Seed, meat pies and a yam dish made with crayfish. The proteins offered include fish, chicken, goat and beef- and when they say beef that includes offal. Most single items are less than $7. At the end of the meal you will likely be asked if you enjoyed the food, and if you did not eat much, you will be asked why not-just like at home.  It’s an interesting and tasty new choice worth trying.

African Eateries, 320a W. Waters Ave, Tampa, 33613, Phone: 813-443-5152

Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am -9pm, Sat. 10 am- 10 pm.

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