Opt out of cheap green beer and try these creative St. Patty's Day cocktails instead

Guinness Ice Cream Float (High/Low Food/Drink) - You make a float with root beer, so why not do it with a good Irish stout?

Homemade Irish Cream (52 Kitchen Adventures) - Why buy Irish cream when you can make your own at home? This way you can add as much booze and/or chocolate syrup as you like! It's also great for making Irish car bombs (the drink).

The Irish Pirate (a.k.a.: Loaded Shamrock Shake) 2 Ways (The Cultural Dish) - What's the best part of St. Patty's Day in America besides the parties? McDonalds' Shamrock Shake, of course! Here it is made with two variations, both a little more kicked up -- with rum!

Irish Spring Cocktail (Drink of the Week) - When I first heard celery juice and gin, I was a bit apprehensive, but I think the lime juice and muddled mint will smooth it out. It sounds like a good drink for someone who doesn't like cocktails on the sweet side.

The Ugly Leprechaun (Drinks for the House) - Another intoxicant whose ingredients might make you do a double take at first -- vodka, whiskey, melon liqueur, lime juice, simple syrup and kiwi puree -- but seems worth trying at least once. Plus, if you have one of these after trying some of the aforementioned drinks, you might not even mind so much if it tastes a little funky.

Image via Farm to Philly

If you're not down with crowded bars and green beer this St. Patrick's Day, try making some of your own verdant libations at home. They'll probably end up saving you money (and a possible DUI) versus going out on the town.

Check out these fun and creative cocktails I've found on some seriously tasty-looking food and drink blogs.

Dancing Leprechaun (Science of Drink) - Simple to make, refreshing and, as the author states, "It is admirable concoction for active celebrating."

Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktails (Dine and Dish) - A frosty take on the classic Grasshopper cocktail that consists of vanilla ice cream, Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cacao and Irish Whiskey...and that's it. (Be careful with this one!)

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