Study: Drinking wine could prevent sunburn

Ditch the sunblock and grab some vino.

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The Telegraph reports:

Marta Cascante, a biochemist at the University of Barcelona and director of the research project, said it proves grapes could help protect the skin from sun burn and even skin cancer.

She said the research could help to develop skin creams and other products to protect skin from sun damage.

"This study supports the idea of using these products to protect the skin from cell damage and death caused by solar radiation, as well as increasing our understanding of the mechanism by which they act", she said.

So the next time you're planning on hitting the beach or lounging by the pool, forget the six-pack of beer and grab yourself a box of wine (because glass usually isn't welcome by the pool or on public beaches) and get drinking.

Information via
The Telegraph; photo: Babel Wine.

Though some studies conducted in the past advocate abstaining from drinking alcohol while hanging out in the sun, new research reveals that drinking wine may actually help prevent one from becoming sunburned.

The University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council recently released their findings to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that claim the flavonoids found in grapes (and wine) can stop the chemical reaction that causes skin cells to die when hit by harmful UV rays.

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