Tampa Bay baker launches 'Lisa Dank' Delta-8 edibles line

Alicia Wolding shares her outlook on mental health and healing.

It’s been nearly two years since we connected with local baker, Alicia Wolding (FKA Alicia McCall), about flying higher as an entrepreneurliterally and figuratively. If you’ve been following along on social media (@girlwiththewhisktattoo), you’ve had a front row seat to her transformation from a cheeky baker making videos in the Datz kitchen, Netflix "Sugar Rush" contestant and MTV Meme Cakes host to becoming a psychedelic, roller skating baker who just launched a line of edibles. Wolding’s resume is as colorful as her hair.

And that's where Lisa Dank comes in.

Wolding’s line of Delta-8 products is inspired by, you guessed it, Lisa Frank. The line includes 20mg gummies and vape cartridges, with flavors and packaging decked out in animal print and slices of cake.

“It caters to that inner-'90s child in me that loved Lisa Frank,” Wolding excitedly tells Creative Loafing Tampa Bay.

“All the felt notebooks and rainbow-colors are so who I am, so I tie it in. I'm a cosmic butterfly baking princess on roller skates. I want people to have that same experience as they order my cakes. I want them to look at the packaging, show your friends and have a good time.” 

The cartridges are modeled after her signature cake flavors. The Lisa Dank Rainbow boasts a hit of buttery, confetti buttery citrus burst. Each all-natural product is lab-tested without pesticides and is non-GMO.

“We took those ideas and I was able to create a profile with no additives, no scary vape stories. I don't want to cut corners in creating a future we all want,” Wolding adds. 

The idea came about in July 2019, when Wolding was playing with cannabis. That started an itch for something she could use legally. Since then new tech has been developed—Delta-8 THC cannabinoid derived from hemp.  

“And since hemp was declared legal in 2018, it has been discovered that we can still get the same effects even though this cannabinoid is derived from hemp and not marijuana,” Wolding explains.

That means you don’t even need a medical marijuana card to fill your cart with Lisa Dank products. The mission of these products is to provide much more than a zombified stoner session.

“My personal experience it's been so beneficial to my health. They help me sleep and give me peace of mind in the anxious time we’re living in. This new line creates an opportunity to help quiet the mind and be present with your body and what you're experiencing at that moment. And getting to share those experiences through those products is such a gift," Wolding says. "We just want to help.”

It almost feels like every word is floating out of Wolding’s mouth, light and airy, without any hesitation. “I can feel it in my bones. It feels like this is my purpose. I am here to transform this crazy boat ride. What we just went through and continue to go through, we could all use a little sesh. Get a little high and take a deep breath.”

If you’re new to edibles, Wolding insists her line won’t knock you on your ass, the dosage is approachable and one gummy is designed to offer a “productive high.” 

“I want to appeal to beginner cannabis users, and let Lisa Dank be a fun introduction to those on the fence. The true goal is to help as many people as we can,” she says.

If you’re ready to ease into the world of edibles after surviving a global pandemic and that skidmark of a president, now might be a good time. If we’ve learned anything this past year, it is that prioritizing your mental health goes a long way. Lisa Dank gummies and vape cartridges can be purchased through lisadank.co. Be sure to follow along on Wolding’s Instagram or the Lisa Dank website to be in the know about new flavor drops, events, and even finding local businesses to sell these puppies. It doesn’t look like the baker has any plans of slowing down her new passion project, only more exciting projects to come.

“I'm here to bake up a storm and provide sustenance and joy," Wolding explains. "Connection and peace is what we’re all after, and anything I can do to provide that, I will.”

click to enlarge Tampa Bay baker Alicia Wolding, aka @thegirlwiththewhisktattoo, who just launched a new line of 'Lisa Dank' Delta-8 gummies. - Skep Media
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Tampa Bay baker Alicia Wolding, aka @thegirlwiththewhisktattoo, who just launched a new line of 'Lisa Dank' Delta-8 gummies.

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