The worst fast food creations of 2010

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Have you tried any of these? Were they really tasty enough to warrant the staggering number of calories? If you're not too embarrassed to fess up, let us know in the comment box below.

Information via Huffington Post.

2010: The year that brought us scary fast food creations like KFC's Doublicious, Friendly's Grilled Cheese Burger Melt, and Carl Jr.'s footlong cheeseburger. You'd think that with all of the focus on healthful eating this year that we would have seen more fast food chains coming out with lighter (calorie-wise) fare, to entice those who were taking up healthier lifestyles but still wanted to eat on the run.

But, as this slide show on Huffington Post Food proves, it's been quite the opposite. This past year has seen some of the most unhealthy, not to mention ridiculous, items ever seen on drive-thru menus.

Some of my favorites (to revel in their ridiculousness, not to consume) are Burger King's pizza burger, which one can share with friends or hog the whole thing, and Denny's fried cheese melt — is there ever such a thing as too much cheese? (Maybe in this case).

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