The Year in Lists: Trigger foods are real

Nine terms to add to your gastronome glossary in 2016.

click to enlarge MEAN GREENS: "Arugulance" is a mashup of "arugula" and "arrogance." - via Flickr via Flickr
MEAN GREENS: "Arugulance" is a mashup of "arugula" and "arrogance."

Joining the likes of “bae” and “swag,” the universe recently saw expulsion of the words “curated” and, yes, “foodie.”

The latter's no surprise to those who have been griping about the F word for what seems like, well, forever. The term used to describe a person with an affection for food and drink has received several this-has-got-to-stop nominations in past years, according to Lake Superior State University, which puts together the annual selection of banished words.

“‘Someone who enjoys food’ applies to everyone on Earth. What’s next? ‘Oh, I’m an airie; I just love to breathe.’ ‘Could we do it at 11, instead? I’m kind of a sleepie,’” reads one rant about “foodie” submitted to the university.

But word warriors seeking to fill their food holes with more gastronomical terminology (let’s ditch the use of “artisan” and “craft” next year), look no further. The following round-up is a fusion of this editor’s favorite additions to Oxford Dictionaries this year, plus entries from author Josh Friedland’s new “dictionary of modern gastronomy," Eatymology.

1. Arugulance (noun): A perceived attitude of superiority manifested in a predilection for pricey — yet delicious — peppery greens.

2. Awesomesauce (adjective): Extremely good; excellent. Not a new word (neither is hangry, which Oxford just recognized) but fun nonetheless.

3. Cheffy (adjective): Relating to or characteristic of a chef (especially with reference to elaborate recipes, complicated techniques, etc.). Are you really going to resist using this? Other neat terms to end in “y” include cidery and cupcakery (both now recognized by Oxford), barbecuery, grilled cheesery, browerey (a local brewery frequented by men with backward hats)...

4. Coffee name (noun): An alias given when ordering a coffee drink when one’s real name is too difficult for the barista to pronounce and/or transcribe on a coffee cup. This would definitely help some Megans with “agh’s” in their names, or you know, your
girl Elyviya.

5. Ice chef (noun): A bar worker whose responsibility is to oversee the freezing and cutting of numerous types and shapes of ice tailored for use in cocktails.

6. Snackable (adjective): (Of food) suitable to be eaten as a snack. If you’re looking for other terms to use in relation to your open love affair with snack foods, Friedland defines snackify and snackwave for you in his book.

7. Sourdough hotel (noun): A place of lodging for sourdough starters — live cultures of fermented flour, water and wild yeasts — where they are looked after while their owners go on vacation. Just, yes.

8. Trigger foods (noun): Foods that by their very presence exercise an influence over the selection of other foods.

9. Wine o’clock, beer o’clock (noun): An appropriate time of day for starting to drink. No need to call it happy hour ever again.

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