Thin Mint truffles (recipe)

They spot you upon the exiting of your vehicle. Then they visually track you all the way up to the store. You get closer, your palms are sweating and just when you try to avert your eyes, the sweet little angelic voice says, "Excuse me ma'am , would you like to buy some Girl scout cookies?" Shit, you don't need anymore cookies. You already have 4 boxes of Thin Mints in the freezer. You sternly say, "no."  But then the unassuming little girl shoots you 'the sad eyes' and you cave.  And suddenly you are holding 2 brand new boxes of cookies. Damn it. It happens every time.

Anyway, here's a great way to use those extra cookies in an easy-to-prepare treat!



By The Hungry Housewife, Leslie Green

1/2 box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (1 sleeve) + 3 cookies

4 ounces cream cheese, softened

1. In a food processor*, process the 1 sleeve of thin mints until they resemble sand.

2. Add the cream cheese and pulse until incorporated.

3. Scoop out by the Tablespoon and roll into a nice ball.

4. Pulse the extra 3 cookies(again until they resemble sand) and place in a small bowl. Roll the truffles in the crumbled extra cookies to serve as the coating.

5. Place truffles in the refrigerator for about and hour to set up.

*If you do not have a food processor, you can crush the cookies in a blender or a plastic bag and mix the cream cheese in by hand.


The Hungry Housewife

Girl Scout Cookies are evil. Well, I should rephrase that and say, "Girl Scouts are evil". They set up shop at the grocery store, right at the entrance. They know we are starving when we go to the store. They know our weaknesses, they know we are vulnerable.

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