Tonight's Top Chef All-Stars preview: Ghosts of Top Chef's past

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Carla had better win this Quickfire against Hosea, because really, it's Hosea.

  • Tiffany: "We're cooking for bohemian royalty." Really? I didn't know Mary-Kate Olsen and Zooey Deschanel were considered royalty.

  • Mike: "You don't want to put up a plate of bullshit." This is by far his most insightful quote the season.

This week's question: If Stephanie, Hosea, Angry Brother and Kevin were to have a cook-off showdown, who would win?

Check out the preview videos below.

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Paired with the Top Chefs

Cooking For Royalty

It's Round 1 of the finale on Top Chef: All-Stars tonight and the 5 remaining chefs are in the beautiful and picturesque (and tourist-ridden) island of Nassau in The Bahamas!

For the Quickfire, the chefs must compete in a cook-off against the champion from their season. Stephanie Izard, winner of season 4, has to go up against both Antonia and Blais, so she has her work cut out for her. Meanwhile, Carla is paired with Hosea, Jersey Mike is going up against Angry Brother (a.k.a.: Michael Voltaggio), and Tiffany must compete against Kevin Sbraga. Lucky for them, it looks like the loser of the Quickfire won't be going home.

As for the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must cook for the kind and queen of The Bahamas. Wait, The Bahamas has a monarchy? Or is it one of those deals like we see with the Royal Family in England, where they really don't do anything but ride around in carriages and get snapped by the paparazzi?

Preview video highlights:

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