Tonight's Top Chef Texas preview: Word to your mother (sauces)

Check out the preview videos from tonight's episode of Top Chef: Texas!

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The Mother of All Quickfires

Another Top Chef Casualty

For the "mother of all Quickfires" in this episode of Top Chef: Texas, the chefs have an hour and thirty minutes to prepare a mother sauce. No, these aren't sauces your mama used to make. The mother sauces are five sauces with classical French roots that serve as the bases for a multitude of other sauces: Béchamel, Espagnole, Hollandaise, tomato sauce and Velouté. (See? This show does actually teach us a few things!) Some of the chefs are putting their own personal spins on their creations — like Paul and Beverly's versions with Asian twists — but will this help or hurt them when it come time for the judging?

It looks like some of the lady chefs, namely Heather, are still hating on Beverly this episode. Part of me feels sorry for her, yet the other part is still annoyed by her ability to cry at the drop of a hat — I'm not sure if I can blame her peers. She seems to be able to cook pretty well, so I'm predicting that she lasts for at least a few more episodes. (Crossing my fingers that she can control her emotions a little better.)

Also, we get to see even more bloodshed this episode. This time, it's Ty-lor who has carelessly hacked into one of his digits. And in true Top Chef fashion, the camera shots are quite tight so we get to witness all of the gory action.

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Watch the preview videos below and for plenty of snark and a dash of good ol' fashioned sass, listen to the podcast!

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