Top Chef Las Vegas Podcast, Ep. 8: Pork explosion, hairy armpits, and mama's boys

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Is it episode 8 already? Well, we're still here, still podcasting about Top Chef Las Vegas (no, this isn't the Hell's Kitchen podcast). Unfortunately this week we are sans our resident wine guru, Taylor. Fortunately, Jeff provided us with a different form of bubbly to enjoy during our gab session this week- Stella Artois (whose commercials play during Top Chef- coincidence?).

 At the beginning of the episode we learned that Angry Bro (Mike V.) thinks he's the Babe Ruth of Top Chef and that Eli still lives at home - he'd admit this on national television, why?

The Quickfire revealed that Charlie Palmer is the guest judge and former boss of the V. Brothers (and swore he won't play favorites), and their secret ingredient is a potato chip. Classy, Bravo.  They've already had to pair shots with dishes, so why not snack food this time around? Personally, I'd pair my Funyuns with a braised lamb shank in a lovely sherry demi glace. Ceveech was a nervous wreck again this week and it looks like she didn't use her Macy's gift card from last week's win to get herself a makeover (your roots are showing, girl). Eli ends up taking home this challenge (cough*finally*cough) and represents for ATL. He also muses that he can be the first to win a Quickfire and Elimination Challenge in the same episode. Right.

For the Elimination Challenge, each cheftestant had to use a different cut of pork for their dish and pair it with the pinot noir they chose to use.  Who knew Eli was such a wino, I mean- wine connoisseur? They then had to cook for 150 guests at Charlie Palmer's fundraiser event, Pigs and Pinot. Of course, the V. Brothers, Redbeard (Kevin), and Ceveech got great reviews, while Ash, Robin and Whatsherface's (Laurine) dishes were not so popular at this event.

Much to our surprise (hint of sarcasm), Redbeard won with a pork dish again, and Ash ended up getting the boot. (Top Chef Rule #3: Don't tell the judges that you didn't cook the dish that you had originally intended to.) It was good that they put Ash out of his misery, though - after learning that he could no longer clean Picasso's paintbrushes, he felt that the Top Chef life just wasn't worth living.

Looks like it's Restaurant Wars next week, so maybe we'll finally see some action that will have us on the edge of our seats. Well, enough action to keep our interest, at least.

Highlights: Laurine makes cat food, Robin being "passive-aggressive" and at the center of the drama in the house (seen here), asking: "What Would Carla Do?", our predictions for Padma's baby-daddy, and the best "That's What She Said" line of the episode.

Hear the hilarious podcast after the jump:

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