Top Chef Podcast - All-Stars Ep. 2: Nobody puts Philly in a corner

After that drawn out affair, the chefs think they'll be getting to go back to the condo to get a decent night's sleep. Well, they thought wrong because they would also be spending the night (or what was left of it) in the museum so they could get up before the crack of dawn to make breakfast for the kiddies and their parents. The theme for the Elimination challenge was a dinosaur's diet, carnivores vs. herbivores. Staying in their original teams from the first challenge, Tiffani got first pick and chose to be Team T-Rex and make a breakfast solely based on meats and fish. Spike's team was stuck with being Team Brontosaurus and had to make dishes with only fruits, vegetables and grains.

Team T-Rex thought they had it made until they realized they couldn't utilize any form of fresh veg or herb (save for dry seasonings), only meat and meat byproducts, so their dishes comprised of hard boiled eggs with braised bacon, steak and eggs with hollandaise, Coho salmon with shrimp sauce and a trio of mini frittatas. On top of that, Jamie had to leave Team T-Rex and go get stitches, as she sliced open her thumb. Mind you, this wasn't something the producers told her she had to go do, and it ended up being only two stitches anyway. Cop-out? I'd say so.

Team Brontosaurus had a plethora of ingredients to work from, so they busted out a fruit and yogurt parfait (though where a brontosaur would get yogurt is beyond me), potato gnocchi with mushrooms, grits with salsa verde and gazpacho. It sounded more like brunch than breakfast to me. But, garnering less complaints and technical errors from the guests and judges, Team Bronto ended up on top and Richard, Angelo and Marcel's parfait took the win.

Because of Antonia and Tiffany D.'s inconsistently cooked frittatas, Casey and Tre's salty salmon, and Jen and Jamie's flabby bacon and bland hard boiled eggs, Team T-Rex ended up on the bottom. Jen was ten shades of sassy toward the judges in defending her team and her dish, border-lining on being downright rude. It was one of those moments where you're just embarrassed to watch someone make themselves look so bad.

I guess undercooked frittatas were a lesser evil than the weird texture of the bacon and tasteless eggs, and since Jamie wasn't there to screw the dish up, Jen took the fall. Believe me, that elimination was hard to watch as Jen didn't take it so well, breaking down just after exiting the stew room in defeat (and leaving her mic on).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: They brought back Katie Lee to play guest judge for the Elimination. Remember her? The chick who hosted TC season one that they kicked off and replaced with Padma? Well, she was Katie Lee Joel back in those days because she was a smart lady and married rock royalty (and was hopefully smart enough to get a nice divorce settlement too).

Want to know what happened? Then you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out.

[image-1]Whether you watch the show or not, our review of it is top notch snark and an all-around good time. Listen to us (attempt to) recap this episode and the hilarity that ensues.

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This episode of Top Chef All-Stars was filled with kids, dinosaur references and a whole lotta sass (particularly from Jen)!

The chefs were surprised to see "pop icon" Joe Jonas, better known as "the hot one" of the Jonas Brother band, in their kitchen as they entered to received instructions for their Quickfire challenge. He told the chefs they must create a snack for kids attending the NYC Museum of Natural History's "Night at the Museum" sleepover (as in, the museum from that movie with Ben Stiller and the little monkey).

After coming up with mostly sugar-laden, interesting-looking (to say the least) snacks, Joe chose both Tiffani's rice krispie treat chocolate "snowball" and Spike's homemade potato and carrot chips with marshmallow-marscarpone-raisin dip. They then split the chefs into teams of two to help Tiff and Spike make 150 portions of each snack to serve to the kids so they could decide the winner for this challenge. Obviously, the kids went for the chocolaty sugar fest over the veggie chips (because what kids like carrots and raisins?).


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