Top Chef Podcast - All-Stars Ep. 3: Double elimination, oh my god!

The mise en place relay race challenge had teams of four prepping and making a dish of lamb, garlic and artichokes. Fabio thinks Angelo "wears his pants a little too tight" for his liking (and I think this was a diss). Bais' team won (which Stephen was lucky enough to be on) -- big surprise -- and got $5k each instead of immunity. Oh yeah, Momofuku's David Chang was there.

For the Elimination, the chefs split into their groups of four again and head to NYC's top restaurants to cook their chefs' iconic cuisine: David Chang's Mapesh, David Burke's Townhouse, Michael White's Marea and Wylie Dufresne's WD-50. Angelo thought he was lucky for getting to cook Chang's cuisine and Stephen thought he had it made getting to cook at Marea. Meanwhile, the chefs who had to cook the wacky and/or molecular gastronomy delights at WD-50 and Townhouse thought they were screwed (and they kind of were, I think).

The top dishes from each team were chosen and Angry Dale took the win for catering to Wylie's inner "egg slut" with his sunny side up dumplings in broth. The worst four dishes on the chopping block were by Stephen (big surprise there), Fabio, Tiffani and the other Dale. We knew it'd be a double elimination, but it wasn't as "shocking" as Bravo hyped it up to be. In fact, it was very much deserved by one party.

Now go listen to the podcast! And in case you missed it last year, listen to Jeff and my interview with Fabio Viviani last year. It was wine-filled fun!

[image-1]Whether you watch the show or not, our review of it is top notch snark and an all-around good time. Listen to us (attempt to) recap this episode and the hilarity that ensues.

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Do I even need to get into details about last night's episode of Top Chef All-Stars? If you've already seen it, then you know what happened, and if you haven't watched your DVR recording of it yet, you may not read this for fear of spoilers. Plus, I'm in a rush to get this up because I'm running late and the podcast listeners are chomping at the bit to get a hold of the newest episode (or so I like to imagine).

In a nutshell:

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