Top Chef Podcast, episode 2: "The Lost Supper"

This week we discussed episode 2 of Top Chef Masters: The Lost Supper. Our special guest this week was Jeff Houck, food writer for The Tampa Tribune, who added a great dose of humor to the show and kept us in stitches.

In a nutshell: the four players this were were Graham Elliott Bowles, Suzanne Tracht, Wylie Dufresne, and Elizabeth Falkner. The quickfire was to make an amuse bouche from items bought from a vending machine (one we've seen in a past season), as judged by season two's winner Ilan Hall, along with Betty and whats-his-face from that season. The elimination challenge was to cook a meal for the producers and writers of Lost (hence the episode's title). They could only use ingredients that could be found on the island (chicken, boar, bananas, etc.) and items provided on a "Darma Initiative-approved" list (read: canned goods), but nothing from the Top Chef kitchen. Wylie ran around like a chicken with his head cut off, Graham made a bunch of jokes, Elizabeth made a weird ice cream and beef jerky concoction, and Suzanne was a real firecracker.

Download episode 2 now.

Tune back in next week for rants, raves and reviews on the latest episode of Top Chef!

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