Top Chef Podcast - Just Desserts season 2, Ep. 3: Think pink!

Hear the hilariously irreverent new episode of the Top Chef Podcast where we kvetch about Top Chef Just Desserts.

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This week's episode of Top Chef Just Desserts was just, well, PINK! Forget the blatant advertisement that was the Quickfire Challenge — the chefs each having to create a tiny dessert that could potentially turn into a Trident flavored gum or something. Though the prize of immunity and $25k wasn't too shabby; too bad it went to someone undeserving of said immunity: Craig with his strawberry pancake flavored dessert. Passion fruit and pina colada flavors I can get down with, but seriously, pancakes? Guest judge Hugh Acheson (a.k.a.: "Hughnibrow") must have been on something the day he judged that challenge.

The Elimination Challenge is where this pink came into play. Bravo decided to do yet another Housewives crossover show, inviting a few of the Beverly Hills gang to judge a challenge. The English Housewife (I know none of their names) was having an anniversary party for her restaurant and charged the chefs with creating a pink-themed array of desserts, along with an "elegantly" decorated table, for said occasion. The chefs were split into two themes, put on their rose-colored glasses and went to work, producing some pretty petit fours and a few dessert disasters (like icky pink lemonade and melting sorbet).

It was pretty obvious which team took the instructions to heart and made something that looked rather tasteful, while the other team's presentation looked like it belonged at a Victoria's Secret PINK themed Sweet Sixteen party (read: tacky; and it was Craig's team — go figure). The sad part was, if it weren't for having immunity, Craig would have been in the bottom and have gone home. (Hugh said he "would have fired" him!) Instead, two very talented chef'testants, Nelson and Sally, ended up in the hot seats because of bad dessert choices. But that's what it always comes down to over talent — making the right decisions for each individual challenge...and not being the absolute worst of the group.

Want to know what happened? Listen to the podcast player below to find out!

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