Top Chef Podcast - Just Desserts season 2, Ep. 4-5: Wonka Wonderland and splashy sweets

Hear the hilariously irreverent new episode of the Top Chef Podcast where we kvetch about Top Chef Just Desserts.

Katzie took home another win this week with her pops; proving her creativity and worth among her competitors who have a lot more experience under their belts than she does. I was disappointed to see the bottom person go home, but their dessert really was the worst of the worst of the bunch.

Want to know what happened? Listen to the podcast player below to find out!

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Since we didn't 'cast last week, we covered the last two episodes of Top Chef Just Desserts in this week's podcast.

Episode 4 began with the che'testants getting a break for the Quickfire Challenge and kicking back to watch a special screening of the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Turns out, four of the actors who portrayed the kids with the golden tickets in the movie (including Charlie) were there, too. After the film, they revealed themselves and challenged the chefs to creating a Wonka Wonderland of life-sized treats in the Just Desserts dining room.

I have to say that this was hands-down the best episode of Just Desserts thus far. It was nice to see that, even though they weren't divided into teams and there were no strict rules, the chefs split up to divvy up the design and the construction responsibilities, but almost all of them were helping out their fellow chefs by the end of the challenge to create something they could all be proud of. Well, save for Melissa and her tragic green doughnuts and Craig with his beheaded giant gummy bears.

Katzie took home the golden ticket for her candy beehive and carrot cake (literally shaped like carrots and buried in fake grass) creations — which looked phenomenal — and two were sent packing in this week's double elimination.

This week's episode saw the chefs creating candy bar creations for the Quickfire, with famed pastry chef Pichet Ong acting as guest judge. The chefs came up with some badass bar, my favorites including Orlando's 'Choco-nana' bars made up of peanut butter crisp with fudge cake, banana pudding, and chocolate Pop Rocks, and Orlando's chocolate bar filled with mixed berry-port jam and chocolate ganache. Can you say "NOM"? But Sally played to the guest judge's personal favorites as she added puffed Forbidden Rice to her simple chocolate bar and won the challenge, plus immunity for the Elimination.

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs split into groups of three and had to each make desserts to sell at a water park concession stand. Rebecca made some tasty looking lemon Snickerdoodle cookie ice cream sandwiches and Katzie's Baked Alaska spumoni pops were a playful take on two iconic desserts. The major fails for the challenge were Matthew's warm strawberry shortcake, Orlando's weird play on a root beer float that was really a cake parfait, and Amanda's rock hard funnel cakes.

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