CD review: Do Make Say Think, Other Truths

After the astounding personality and scenery of DMST’s last two records, you’d think this attention to structure would somehow limit the band’s approach, that by repeating the same riffs with a variety of flourishes, the music would become familiar and boring. Luckily, the album travels in a perpetually satisfying wave of memorable crescendos.

Other Truths does have vocals, although they are sparse and used more for choir-effect than anything else, giving the songs a hallowed atmosphere, like a hymn but more humanistic — what you might listen to while climbing a mountain: uplifting and jubilant, never nihilistic or pessimistic even when being introspective, usually closing with a contemplative guitar note that lingers amid a soothing sunset, receding tide or an ascension toward some ambient soundscape, gorgeous and glorious, cradled in the celestial heights.

Unconvinced? Listen to the opening track here.


The drawn-out instrumental music of Canadian post-rockers Do Make Say Think can alleviate the inescapable tedium drooling forth from the most inane and never-ending idiocies of daily activities.

For their sixth album, Other Truths (out tomorrow on Constellation), the music gets a particularly stylized treatment. Besides having an eponymous track listing (the first track is “Do,” the second, “Make,” the third, “Say” and the fourth, “Think”), each song attempts to represent these sensibilities as extended (eight-minutes-long or more) musical meditations. And somehow, the band captures the restlessness and vastness of a John Ford cinemascope while managing to make the songs catchy and hummable all at once.

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