CL Sound Bites, Reunion edition! Stone Temple Pilots, Faith No More, Pavement, The Smiths, and more)

JM: I'm done talking about that shit. Who cares?

* Catch Pavement while you can in 2010, because the reunion will not be permanent. Multi-instrumentalist Bob Nastanovich says there will be no new material. The first show currently scheduled is March 1 in Auckland, New Zealand (lucky kiwis!) followed by a quick swing through Australia. The only other gigs slated thus far are All Tomorrow's Parties in May and NYC in September.

* Are you a Faith No More fan? Like me, are you wondering when the hell they might get around to play a show in their own country now that they've reunited? Wonder no longer! Bassist Billy Gould tweeted, "In response to all of our concerned US brethren... YES... we are now actively planning US dates." It's it! *fish flops around*

* Jawbox fans, dry your eyes. While the band will perform for the first time in 12 years on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on December 8, frontman J. Robbins warns it's a one-time deal.

[image-1]It seems like if we were ever going to do it — now would be the time. We all put our heads together, and it just seemed like — with all of us in different cities and leading complicated and over-committed lives as we do — that it would be very, very difficult for us to to dedicate the time it would take for us to live up to the standards that we want to live up to.

If we were going to do shows, we would not want it to be half-assed. There were good and bad things about Jawbox, but we always held ourselves to a pretty high standard as far as playing shows. We would want to make sure we did it right, and we felt like we couldn’t take the time to do that. So that was pretty much the beginning and the end of the reunion discussion.

The Fallon performance will coincide with the reissue of For Your Own Special Sweetheart. Really, Jawbox? You're only doing this once and it's for one song on Jimmy Fucking Fallon? Really?

Jawbox "Savory" off For Your Own Special Sweetheart (1994)

Morrissey "This Charming Man (live)" from BBC, 2009

Faith No More "From Out of Nowhere (live)," from Download 2009

* The reunited Stone Temple Pilots (who still owe Tampa a show, by the way) spent the last few months working on a new album. They're breaking to tour but will return to the studio afterwards to shoot for a spring/summer 2010 release.

Simply recording and releasing a new STP album may not be all that simple, and not just because Scott Weiland is a troublemaker. Atlantic Records sued Weiland and drummer Eric Kretz in 2008 asserting that half of STP is still under contract. The band's other half, the DeLeo brothers, were released in 2003. STP can't release new music unti this legal matter is settled.

* Morrissey collapsed on-stage one song into a Swindon, England concert last weekend (at least he made that one song count - "This Charming Man"), and spent the night hospitalized. While Moz has cancelled many shows over the past few years due to various health issues, he vows to continue his current tour.

* Speaking of Morrissey, Pitchfork talked to Johnny Marr about joining The Cribs and dared to bring up his relationship with Morrissey and the likelihood of The Smiths reuniting...

Pitchfork: You said in a recent interview that you and Morrissey aren't feuding, and that you email with each other. Is that true? (Hold your breath for Marr's response after the jump!)

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