Clarity, Big Bottom, iPhone-Ready: Coloud's C22M Series Headphones

3. MP3 (320k, CD quality)
iTunes; “Limelight” by Rush
Flawless. Simply flawless. It’s like Neil Peart is in the room. I’ve honestly never heard anything better than this track through these cans.

4. Netflix on iPad
The Red Shoes (1948); Runaway (1984); I Saw the Devil [HD] (2010)
It may have been my imagination, but it seemed that the newer soundtracks (especially the HD) were more rounded and full-sounding. Most likely due to the digital version of the audio transfer. Again, lots of low end frequencies, but with the HD track, the highs seems to balance them out.

Overall, the C22s seem rugged, super-practical and just a little bottom-heavy. Sure enough, after a three-hour work session, where I had MOG running in the background, I had the traces of a headache, most likely a combination of eye-strain and the production on Beyonce’s new album. But if you’re not an old fart like me, and you’re using these in short bursts (Netflix on the plane, iTunes at the mall) they are perfect. And if the website is correct, these are very reasonably priced ($39.90 US). It might be worth getting a couple pair just to have around.

I’ve already kind of gotten used to the red, white and blue (who says you can’t be patriotic all year round?) and am thinking the Jamaican version would be sweet to have as a backup.

Coloud C22M (Flag Series)
also available - Jamaican and Brazilian models

These star-spangled doo-hickies arrived on our way out the door last week, just in time for the long July 4th weekend. It turns out the timing couldn’t have been better, as we had (and made) plenty of time to test these in a number of settings.

1. Phone Conversation on iPhone 3G
What sets these apart from other earbuds and headphones is the talk button/mic feature which allows them to double as an iPhone headset. The cans are well-insulated, which reduce much noise, and in every other test, this earned major points. However when used for phone (and Skype) conversations, the user’s own voice seemed barely-audible and muffled, giving the conversation a strange one-way quality.

2. Streaming audio (96/128K)
MOG Streaming Service on iPhone; “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele
Crisp highs and big bottom, but the bass is a little much, and with today’s lack of “tone” settings on devices, there’s no way to dial it back. Call me old, but I worry that extended exposure to bass frequencies may induce headache.

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