Concert review: blink-182, All American Rejects and Fall Out Boy at Ford Amphitheatre

The first act I caught was All American Rejects. I decided that I might as well give the band a chance ... and um, yeah ... I really shouldn’t have. With Lead singer Tyson Ritter in a wheelchair, all I could think about was his anorexic ways. His fans should send him gift baskets filled with protein bars and muscle milk. He did have on a leg brace, and some might argue that that’s why he was in a wheelchair, but I’m sure it was all a cover up. If he was really hurt, they should have just canceled the tour. No one would have been disappointed -- at least, I wouldn’t have, that’s for sure, and really, that’s all that matters, right? Their set was boring and they played all the songs you hear on the radio, which have been stuck on repeat for the past seven years.


Now, I have never seen Fall Out Boy live. For this I have always been grateful. Unfortunately my grace period ended after AAR.

As I was watched FOB's members dance around on stage and listened to the horrid vibrato coming from lead singer Patrick Stump's overused vocal chords, I noticed bassist Pete Wentz was up to no good, hawking loogies in the air and catching them in his mouth. Pete still thinks he’s in some hardcore band. Unfortunately, no one who sings about going down on sugar cubes can consider themselves hard. Let’s map out what has made Pete Wentz, Pete Wentz, shall we?

Late 90’s - Wentz starts hardcore band. (Intriguing.)

2002 - Wentz puts together Fall Out Boy. (Unforgivable.)

2006 - Partially nude picture of Wentz are released on the internet. (Nice frontal tramp stamp, Pete -- you're really going to get the ladies swooning with that one.)

2007 – Wentz and FOB release the song, “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me,” which involves vampires. (What a waste of production.)

2009 – Wentz makes a video offering advice to other famous people with leaked nude photos, directed mostly at Twilight's Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens. (Coincidence, I think so.)

And Fall Out Boy -- what the hell were you thinking covering Journey? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they covered Journey. Was this a joke? No, they seemed to take it very seriously. Which made it even more of a joke to me. Journey should totally kick their ass for ruining “Don’t Stop Believing.”

With all the annoyances of the night over with, it was time to get to business.

The weather didn’t exactly treat us fans well and with sweat dripping from everyone’s face, we all knew what we were getting ourselves into. When the curtain dropped, the crowd went wild and blink-182 kicked off the show with “Dumpweed.”


As usual, bassist Mark Hoppus and guitarist Tom Delonge spent the time between songs to make fun of each other, the audience, and even Birmingham, Ala. ( Delong asked that we not to repeat anything the band said to Alabama.) Delong also shouted that he wanted to give drummer Travis Barker a bubble bath and go down on Oprah. This is pee-pee-pooh-pooh humor at its finest, folks.

Most of blink-182's set covered songs from their most recent self-titled album, and I could tell people were a little disappointed. Walking around the venue, I could hear fans screaming “where’s the Dude Ranch!?” but with other intellectual wordage that spices up sentences when you and your entire frat has a tailgate before the show. On that note … some of the set's highlights included "All the Small Things," "Man Overboard,” and "Reckless Abandoned."

With the heat beating up everyone, Delonge offered a witty description of Florida weather: “It’s like the sun is coming down and personally shitting on my face.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, Tommy. The entire time I was thinking, how can I talk to these ridiculously young girls if my back is drenched in sweat? How can I knock them off their feet? Don’t worry -- my “bros” from Alpha Beta Theta Pi Omega had all that taken care of, I’m sure!

After almost an hour-and-a-half, it was time for the show to end. So you would think. Everyone started screaming for an encore, as if it wasn't really going to happen. And of course, it did. And it didn’t just happen, it soared. With a second curtain drop, it was time for Barker’s famous drum solo. A seemingly normal solo turned into a floating pendulum in the air that spun Barker 360 degrees while chilling at an almost 90 degree slant. Once the solo was over, blink closed with "Carousel" and "Dammnit."

Opening acts aside, blink-182 put on the best concert I’ve seen in 2009. I’m biased as hell and I don’t care. I grew up with the band and it gives me great pleasure to say that they're as good as ever. It’s great to have you back, guys.

All photos and text by Mike Wilson.

It’s been almost seven years since I last saw blink-182, and things haven’t changed one bit. With traffic backed up for miles, lines were filled with soccer mom mini vans and screaming girls who were so young it felt illegal just looking at them. But thankfully, the long lines kept me behind schedule. Now, you may ask why I was happy that I got stuck in traffic for such a huge show. The reasons are as follows: All American Rejects and Fall Out Boy.

I talked my way through the under-qualified parking staff, finally managed to convince them I belonged in VIP parking, and slowly walked toward the Ford Amphitheatre entrance. I was in no rush to get ahead of this crowd.

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