Concert review: Chiodos with Emarosa, Go Radio and Decoder at Orpheum, Ybor City

[image-1]They played a fairly short set, about 45 minutes, that included mostly new fare with the exception of two songs from 2005's Alls Well That End’s Well and one track off 2007's Bone Palace Ballet.

They pleased the fans all around with the roaring guitars and electrifying harmonies of show closer “The Words ‘Best Friend’ Become Redefined,” prompting a roomful of chaotic of karate-kicking, ninja-spinning moshing and crowdsurfers propelling themselves onto the crammed stage.

It was my ninth or so time seeing the band but first time checking them out with Bolmer on lead. At times, I felt as though I wasn't watching the Chiodos I remember at all, but a band covering their material, an inevitable side effect of switching vocalists. However, Bolmer does sound remarkably similar to Craig and definitely has the talent to fill Craig’s absence. His passion was apparent, though he didn’t quite have as much vocal range, turning the mic onto the crowd for any extremely high parts on the select few “old” songs Chiodos performed. But he did the screaming bits seamlessly and put on a great performance otherwise.

In the end, it's difficult not to compare the old Chiodos with the new; while some fans may not even notice there's a new vocalist, others who've been following the band longer realize the current lineup takes some getting used to. Ultimately, each member put their heart and soul into the performance, showing they truly enjoy what they're doing.

—Review and photos by CL intern Valerie Quintana

The 2010 ejection of Chiodos lead singer Craig Owens was a permanent one as fans of the post-hardcore outfit have come to realize. The main questions of the evening seemed to be, Can newbie vocalist Brandon Bolmer reach the high notes of “Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek,” and will the band even play any “old” songs? There was no telling, but regardless, the crowd — a mix of underage kids accompanied by their parents, faux-hawked dude-bros, random dreadheads and an overabundance of scruffy scenesters in plaid flannels — hummed with an excited buzz at Orpheum this past Wednesday night.

Decoder from St. Petersburg started their set shortly after doors opened, the band members a screamer and singer duo who tore up the stage and headbanged in unison. Screamer commanded the crowd to get up, prompting a couple of burly punkers to engage in a manly embrace as they jumped with the masses.

Tallahassee-based Go Radio brought an upbeat and far less screamo sound to the room, much to the delight of my shot-out eardrums. Emarosa’s melodic yet explosive set followed, triggering the first mosh pit of the night with powerful choruses and a uniquely resonant vocal performance.

Chiodos finally took the stage a little past 10 p.m., opening with the title track off of their latest album, Illuminaudio, exploding with insurmountable enthusiasm as the next song “Caves” shot the crowd into an absolute frenzy.

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