Concert review: Gwar at The Ritz Ybor (with pictures and intergalatic video interview)



Last October was my first time seeing Gwar, and I thought I knew what I was in for then, until they got on stage and in no less than 30 seconds, had drenched the entire crowd with blood. (Or whatever red corn syrup concoction they use as blood.) This year's show was no different. During the first song, I watched as a zombie's head was cut off, that same zombie crawling towards the edge of the stage and dousing not only the crowd, but the security guards in the photo pit. And I'm not just talking a little wet. This zombie made it pour on these hoes, purposely aiming right for the head of one of the security guards. Hilarious. As I stood and watched in awe, I soon realized my mistake in possibly drawing attention to myself, as a second zombie approached where I stood in front of the stage. "Minion of Oderus, the supreme leader of Gwar," I said to myself, "just don't mess up my curly hair." Then — squirt, splat, soaked. As the blood ran down my face for the first, and obviously not the last time of the night, the hellish party on planet Earth continued on...

Before Gwar hit the stage, I had the chance to meet up with the leader of the band, Oderus Urungus. Check out the video interview below to find out what he had to say about the total destruction of the human race, all while playing the greatest metal music known to our universe.

Check out my video interview with Oderous below:

GWAR interview

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Halloween came early this year when Gwar hit town on Friday, October 8. Fans dressed in white shirts piled into the main room of the Ritz, where carpets were laid out so the raging fans could maintain their grip on the soon-to-be-fake-blood-soaked floor.

Before I actually made my way into the Ritz, I overheard a random Ybor partygoer chatting with another (neither among those waiting to get into the venue) and offering up his knowledge of the great intergalactic horror metal band from space. "Gwar's playing tonight," the man said. "Haha, I saw them on Jerry Springer!" Glad to know you watch great American television, sir. [More pics + CL exclusive video interview with Oderus Urungus after the jump.]

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