Dreaming of a crushing semi

Moving through life these days does feel like wet cement. Barely any progress is made, especially in this economy, and it’s not hard to imagine how this dreamer experiences his challenges. For him, they are killers and he is a constant state of anxiety that will kill him eventually.

So Truck Dreamer, you have real-life wide-awake choices you can make starting today. I’m guessing you are single from the way you introduce yourself, so what is keeping you stuck like wet cement in an anxious state? What is so compelling you can’t choose to opt out and save your sanity?

The fact that the dream is reoccurring is very telling. It is nagging you to make a change. It is a warning dream that should be taken seriously.  Crossing the street means you are seeking change but something is preventing that. That something is you. This is America. You are after all, free to choose.

Dream Momma

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“Dream Momma, I’m a guy in Tampa. This dream keeps coming back. In the dream I am crossing the street when suddenly my legs won’t work. A semi is coming and I can’t get out of the way. I finally can move a little but it’s like wet cement. When the truck is about to crush me I wake up.” (sic)

Dream Momma loves these dreams about how life really is for most of us. We may not all get crushed by a truck but we sure get plowed under (metaphorically) often.  I'd would like to know if the street was familiar and more details about the truck but oh well, I’ll make do.

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