Dreaming of violence on a family bus

A world where you’d better be on your toes ("just in time") or you can really get hurt. Dream Momma is touched by this and wants you to know she is sending good karma your way.

The dream is telling DM that you have violence in you (relax -- we all do) and it may be directed towards your grandmother (sitting in front of you). DM wonders if she is raising you while your mom works or is absent somehow (the lady a few rows behind you)?

The dream also reveals a lack of protection in your life as the only active man in it is your violent ex (Thank God he's an ex). Now this is important …DM wants you to imagine two things, that the man sitting next to you is a big, hard-as-nails guardian angel who will protect you throughout your journey and he is also the driver of the bus (why not? It's a dream!). Trust He is there, trust He will protect you. Trust he will drive safely. DM guarantees it!

Dream Momma

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Watch for the book, The Dream belongs to the Dreamer, Winter, 2010

“Dream Momma, I’m a teenager living in Tampa. In my dream I'm sitting on a bus.  Sitting in the middle on the right handside. There's a two passengers sitting in front of me.  The very first is an elderly lady. A few rows behind me is a lady. On the left side behind me is a man. A man enters the bus (I think its my currently ex beau).  He's escaping some people who are after him.  Sits across from me (left side of bus).  He's relieved he got away.  I look at his head something had fallen on his head just before entering the bus...looks like several large flakes of dandruff.  He notices it too.  The dandruff is going into his head.  He exits the bus, realizing the people after him dropped this stuff on his head and its gonna kill him.  He takes a tonic thats on his right hip.  Drinks it.  But its too late he's gonna die.  He take the gun from his right hip.  Shoots himself through the mouth.  The bullet splatters through his skull, penetrating the bus window, killing the elderly lady.  At one moment, I'd moved over the the side he was sitting but moved back to my original seat, just in time to avoid the bullet hitting that seat, it then bounces to the rear hitting the male passenger in his hand.” (sic)

Dream Momma thinks there’s a lot going on in this dream so she doesn’t get crazy and blow it let’s look at it archetypically

First, this is a journey dream and all the passengers on the bus with you are the people in your world, apparently a violent world.

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