Every Time I Die delivers an explosive show to a sold-out Orpheum

Setlist included.

Orpheum was packed to capacity last Monday night with fans of Every Time I Die, and the crowd settled in thick on the floor and around the stage after a heavy warm-up set from The Acacia Strain. Retro thriller music blared through the PA and the room went black, heightening the anticipation in the room and marking an eerie calm before the storm that was broken by Keith Buckley’s screams and the roar of “Floater.” A flash of blinding light turned into the band’s stylized logo, which illuminated the floor, and created a flowing silhouette around the band. Bodies immediately began flying off the stage and floundering in the pit.

Buckley seemed ecstatic about the attendance as he pumped up the crowd and yelled praises: “It’s a Monday night, and you still came out to fucking party!”

Kids climbed the huge poles lining the sides of the Orpheum stage, one missing his shirt and sporting a crazy tinfoil mask. Fights ensued on the floor. ETID fans stayed dedicated to the pit. Another rather large shirtless guy rolled onto the stage like a beached whale. Buckley looked down and wisecracked, "Oh, wow. What do we have here?” The man mumbled something incoherent. “Yeah brother, you do whatever you want,” Buckley responded and went back to playing.

ETID came off as humble and appreciative of their fans and the bands that had joined them this tour. Buckley dedicated songs to No Bragging Rights, Hundredth, Vanna, The Acacia Strain, and even offered a shout-out to the late Underoath. They closed the set with “Indian Giver,” and Buckley invited the crowd on stage to join him, band members pulling kids up one by one. By the song’s end, half of the floor was crammed around the band. Despite deserving every bit of its shine all on their own, Every Time I Die had no problem sharing the spotlight.

Set List:
Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space
Holy Book of Dilemma
The Marvelous Slut
The New Black
I Suck (Blood)
Apocalypse Now and Then
No Son of Mine
Kill the Music
I Been Gone a Long Time
Bored Stiff
Champing at the Bit
Typical Miracle
Indian Giver

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