Fall Arts ’08: It’s all here

Your one-stop guide to Tampa Bay's cultural landscape this season.

Planning — it’s a bitch, right? You heard somewhere that the Black Crowes, or Black Kids, or one of the 13 bands with “Black” in their name, was coming to Tampa Bay, but you can’t remember which one, or when. You missed the last Jobsite show because it was all sold out by the time you remembered to buy a ticket. You went and made those unbreakable dinner reservations in Dunedin before you realized they were for the same night as that unbelievably cool art opening at USF CAM.

Face it. You need help. We all do. The Tampa Bay cultural scene, popular misconceptions notwithstanding, is rife with good stuff to see and do. What you need is a place where you can find all that stuff.

Well, here it is. Creative Loafing’s Fall Arts ’08 is a one-stop shop for all your cultural needs. We’ve got the most comprehensive list you’ll find anywhere of everything going on from September-January in visual art, theater, dance, music, comedy and film.

Here you’ll find info on more than 80 art shows at 31 galleries and museums. More than 60 theater and dance events. Twelve filmfests, 30-plus comics, and too many concerts to count.

Plus, our critics spotlight the events you really won’t want to miss, like Torolab (one of those unbelievably cool events at USF-CAM) and Blackbird (one of those Jobsite shows that may sell out if you’re not careful), not to mention appearances by both of the aforementioned Black-labeled bands.

So on your mark, get set, get ready — and bookmark! Keep Fall Arts ’08 in clicking distance and you’ll never miss another show.
(Or at least you’ll have to think up better excuses.)

David Warner

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