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click to enlarge CAN’T TOUCH THIS: Yup, another photo of something-or-other from the meal none of us will ever get to taste. Thanks, Claridge. - Jon Palmer Claridge
Jon Palmer Claridge
CAN’T TOUCH THIS: Yup, another photo of something-or-other from the meal none of us will ever get to taste. Thanks, Claridge.

Commenters over the last few weeks at have groused about a great meal, greeted a new columnist, discovered an old recipe, shot off salvos about gun control, cheered a museum, praised a poet, and bade farewell to a bicycle champion (no, not that bicycle champion).

Re “The meal of a lifetime,” by Jon Palmer Claridge, Nov. 29:

“So… this restaurant is in Spain? Why would we need this reviewed in a Tampa paper? Not that it doesn’t sound great. Now I want to go to Spain but still cannot. Or am I missing something?” —Chris Beck

“I agree… although beautifully written, it got my hopes up that finally there was a decent place in which to dine in Tampa.” —thebestevil

“dude!! this is tampabay!! the 99.9% of people who can afford world travel don’t read this paper!!” —pltctytc

Re “Transforming Tampa Bay,” Linda Saul-Sena’s first CL column on architecture and design, Nov. 10:

“Wow. Linda, you’ve found your new metier! This will be both useful and fun.” —Jim Harper

“On Wednesday, Dec. 5th the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) will vote on whether to give a developer 8.5 million tax dollars to ‘improve’ roads around a vacant piece of land so that Bass Pro Shops will build a big box retail store. There are so many things wrong with this proposal it would take a book to list them all but the first and most important is that the negotiations for this give-away of our tax money was done in secret (What happened to the Sunshine laws?). Contact the BOCC at and tell them not to approve this until we have full Sunshine on the subject. —Taxpayer

Re “Would more guns stop the next lethal shooting attack?”, Daily Loaf blog post by Mitch Perry, Dec 2:

“Is there a armed police officer with you and eveyone else 24 hours a day? I know your answer, it is NO. That is what the 2nd amendment is for. So you can protect yourself, your loved one and your property. Arm yourself, take classes on gun safety and practice at a proper shooting range. Where this is done the crime is very low because the criminal knows they will be shot.” —Grayfox

Re “Mixed emotions at Tampa’s Bicycle Bash,” Daily Loaf, Mitch Perry, Nov. 4:

“I am sorry that the Tampa Bay area will lose such a hard-working, dedicated bicycle advocate. Alan Snel has held the torch for many years. It will take a collection of people to fill the gap that Alan will leave behind!!! We will miss you Alan! Godspeed in your new journey!! —Jennifer Marie Anderson

Re “American Women at St. Pete’s MFA,” by Megan Voeller, Nov. 21:

“Got to see this exhibit at the recent FEAST event at the MFA — amazing! Women have been embarrassingly underrepresented in area museums. Sweenys doing a great job of diversifying those exhibited — about time. And great job CL for pointing out their effort.” —Danny Olda

Re “The Holy Grail of custard: Pumpkin flan,” by Susan Filson, Daily Loaf, Nov 4 (2010!):

“This was delicious and easy to make… huge success at Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks :)” —lexi (11/22/2012)

Re “Hi-Yo Silver!”, Poet’s Notebook by Peter Meinke, Nov. 24:

“Peter has a way of being ‘everyman’ to those who fear the encroachment of the loonies. We appreciate him beyond saying.” —Therese Tappouni


In the Nov. 29 Editor’s Note on the Suncoast AIDS Theatre Project’s reading of The Normal Heart, the year of the most recent Broadway revival of the play was incorrectly identified as 2001. We accidentally turned a “1” into a “0” — the revival took place in 2011.

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