More in Wu-Tang-related news: Rza releasing kung-fu movie; John Frusciante handling the score (w/ video)

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Shouldn't this have been a headline, like, 10 years ago?

Either way, Rza has finally taken the symbiotic relationship between the Wu and kung-fu and packaged it in glorious film form for us. This thing is a capital "H" homage to all those POW! BANG! CHOP! HIYAAAA! (excuse me) kung-fu movies of the 70's. It's been dubbed Wu-Tang vs. The Golden Phoenix and apparently stars a real 34th generation Shaolin monk, members of the USA Shaolin team (this really exists?), and members of the JACKIE CHAN STUNT TEAM!! (cue explosions)

I don't know,  it looks so bad, but kind of charming in a sense. Wu-Tang's adoration of kung-fu flicks is brazenly apparent in the name (after the 1981 film Shaolin and Wu Tang) and musical canon, so it’s cool to see Rza at the helm of something he’s adored for so long. John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers takes the score, which, if you’ve heard any of his solo stuff, should be weird and fuzzy to say the least.

(via Filmdrunk via The Playlist)

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