Music and arousal: a tantalizing combination (video)

Some blur the line because I hear the song and then request the Puppy’s presence in bed. Considering that music and sex are two of my top hobbies, it’s not too much of a surprise that they intertwine.

Trying to explain why this or that song gets me horny, but is not necessarily something I want to hear while I’m getting laid can be frustrating as well.

Some songs just seem to have a direct connection to my clitoris without blatantly talking about sex. One song that falls into this category is Nine Inch Nails’ song "Hurt". I’m a whore for Nine Inch Nails. I have a firm belief that the only thing better than seeing NIN live, would be to get laid during the performance. Two other panty-wetting songs of mine, "Deep" and "The Perfect Drug", are also by Nine Inch Nails. Both of them, in addition to having that beat that makes my pulse speed up, contain somewhat sexual lyrics. Or maybe that’s just my perverted mind making them sexual? I can’t think of anything sexual in the lyrical content of "Hurt". The music video makes me cringe. I certainly don’t want to listen to it while I get laid. I want to hear it during foreplay. I would say that it’s just because Trent Reznor’s voice hits the right buttons (or even because I just flat out find Trent Reznor sexy), but I don’t get this sort of reaction from "Head Like a Hole", "Ringfinger", "Down in It", "Happiness in Salvery", or "March of the Pigs".


Then there are songs that don't contain sexual lyrics, but make me horny because they make me want to dance. Not the hurried grinding that goes on at Prana. I’m talking the slow undulations of belly dance coupled with that rhythm that comes out when a person is totally uninhibited in their movements. I like to dance that way when I know my lover is watching. I get turned on knowing that my movements are turning him/her on. A good chunk of the Queen of the Damned soundtrack falls into this category – more specifically songs like "Change (in the House of Flies)" by The Defttones and "Before I’m Dead" by the Kidney Theives. It brings those hot scenes of Lestat and Akasha in the tub of rose covered water to mind. "Voodoo" by Godsmack along with "Magdalena" by A Perfect Circle also fall into this category. In those cases, though, it’s not memories of some hot and heavy scenes in a movie that make me horny. It’s the memories of the look in my lover’s eyes the last time he/she saw me dancing to it. Maybe it is the singer’s voice. It would explain why I’m turned on by "Slept so Long" as performed by Jay Gordon, but not as performed by Jonathan Davis. I enjoy the latter – I just don’t get that tightening between the legs when I hear them.


Of course some of my panty-wetting songs make me horny because they actually deal with sex. "Dude" by Beanie Man (featuring Ms. Thing And Shawnna), "Push It" by Garbage, "Splash Waterfalls" by Ludacris, and "Be R Right" by Trina (featuring Ludacris) all fall under this umbrella. These songs contain lyrics that not only describe how I like sex, but have led to my getting what I like in ways that a certain song by Journey couldn’t begin to conjure. Hearing Shirley Manson gasp “bend your knees go harder” reminds me of the last time I breathlessly told my partner what and how I wanted it. In Beanie Man’s "Dude", Ms. Thing sings about wanting a man who will tie her to a fan and do her in his van. All I can say to that is: Yes! Please dear heavens, yes!

Okay, I don’t want a thug. But a guy “that handles his biz like a man”? Bring it! And dear Ludacris, who manages to find his way on this list twice. I don’t want Gucci or designer things. “Ropes and handcuffs!” are more up my alley. Just about every other line in "Splash Waterfalls" describes how I like it. Visionaries who do it missionary? Just don’t give a fuck? Say it! The Puppy used to give me “that’s very annoying, dear” look anytime he heard it. Rap is not among his favorite genres. Before long, I was flat on my back with him performing each direction of "Be R Right"’s chorus to very pleasing results.


Lastly are the songs that turn me on because they make me think of my lover. Unfortunately, thinking about either The Puppy or Mr. Chaotic (my on again, off again long distance lover) tends to lead straight into thinking about sex. By thinking about sex, I mean bright, vivid NWS details that causes me to take a private moment to fan my face before someone notices that I’m blushing. If you’ve ever seen a black person blush, you’d understand what I mean. "Addicted" by Saving Abel, "Save Yourself" by Stabbing Westward and "Flower" by Liz Phair fall into this category. "Flower" describes just about everything I want to do to my boys with lyrics like “Everytime I see your face I think of things unpure, unchaste. I want to fuck you like a dog. I’ll take you home and make you like it.” Even though the song was written long before I thought about sex – let alone met The Puppy and Mr. Chaotic – it just flat out says what I think of them sexually. Maybe Liz Phair is psychic? Every time I hear the opening lines of "Addicted" I squirm a bit in my seat. I’m addicted to both of my boys and they make use of the knowledge to my horror and delight. "Save Yourself" combines a description of the downside of my relationship with Mr. Chaotic, but it is the NWS mental images of both guys. Every time I hear that song, I think of The Puppy in that shirt that molds to every yummy part of him and how it clings to his skin when he dances. I should take a moment to clarify: the man dances like he should be on a pole. It’s sexy, distracting, and the memory of it has caused me to smack myself before I started drooling.


Whatever the reason, arousal and music just seem to go hand in hand for me. Anyone else sqirming to the music?

Everyone has their jam, right? That song that comes on and you just have to hit the dance floor. With some of my friends, I wonder if they actually mean “song that makes my panties wet.” One minute mi niñas and I are in a closed off circle, dancing amongst ourselves. That song comes on, and the affected girl is plastered across some random guy, grinding for all she’s worth. I understand. Anytime I hear Luke’s "Scarred" I want to find my boyfriend, The Puppy, and grind against on him until his crotch falls off.

An anime group I belong to had discussed this on an online thread. With each song or band that was added to the list (including one member who listed "Flight of the Bumblebees"), we started trailing off into what it was about each song that got our libidos going. I was in the middle of re-reading that thread to see how much had changed when Rabid Nick posted his interesting list of sex songs. In the middle of writing a comment, I realized that I have more songs that fall into the “makes the panties wet” category than sex songs.

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