#MusicMonday, Vol. 15: Mavis Staples, Dan Auerbach, Crocodiles, Maroon 5, Fake Problems, and more (with audio & video)

AmberMaroon 5, Hands All Over (2010); Jimi Hendrix, Blues (1994)

Even though the album doesn't officially drop until tomorrow, you can stream the entire non-deluxe version of Hands All Over on MySpace right now. Stay tuned for the review.... Also been jamming the Hendrix archival compilation Blues. Saturday was the 40th anniversary of the guitar god's death, so the boyfriend and I kept the sounds of psychedelia alive all weekend and, I figure, why not continue on into Monday with those classic riffs found in tunes like "Red House," and "Voodoo Child." In particular, the Blues album features studio outakes of jam sessions and warm ups where Jimi's roots as a blues guitarist are illuminated.

Shawn Jeff Arthur, Hey Hey Tampa Bay (circa 1979)

Feast your eyes on the fall jam below.

Evan Weezer, Hurley (2010)

From my recent  CL review: "After frustrating their fans with unnecessary band-member chime-ins, weird collaborations, and just plain dumb songs, Weezer has finally become listenable again. On Hurley, the band reprises what made them famous in the first place — cavity-causing power-pop with a twinge of the bizarre."

Leilani – Catch-up 2010 mix: !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Strange Weather, Isn't It? ; Sufjan Stevens, All Delighted People EP; LCD Soundsystem, This Is Happening; Here We Go Magic, Pigeons; Fatboy Slim & David Byrne, Here Lies Love; and Crocodiles, Sleep Forever 7"

[image-1]Today I'm devoting some time to 2010 releases that I've only given a cursory listen to up until this point. The Chk Chk Chk album is a little too one-beat for my taste, nothing too new from this band and I'm not really won over, although "Jump Back" has a nice pulsing groove. Sufjan is, as per usual, earnestly sweet and endearing with tasteful orchestral and psychedelic embellishments, opening track "All Delighted People" mixing dramatic horns and strings with electro-glitches and choral melodies rising majestically in the background. This is my favorite kind of Sufjan. LCD Soundsystem is always reliably fun and techno quirky, and this album is proving to be a great one. I can't believe it's their supposed last and hope to see them at Hard Rock Live in Orlando on October 5. Here We Go Magic is just plain interesting, bright and surprisingly eclectic electro rock with bouncy Afro-pop flavor and catchy melodies. I see lots of listens in this album's future... Slim & Byrne are an unexpected match-up, and so far, the music is pretty weird, the title track like cheesy lounge music with fatty basslines, danceable beats, and a lady singer who sounds like she came direct from AC contemporary radio circa 1977. The noisy psyche pop of Crocodiles is just plain good stuff, heavily textured with percussion, reverb and walls of sonics, and their fun mash-up "Groove Is In the Heart/California Girls" is pure acid-tripping gold. Check it out below...

Crocodiles - Groove is in the Heart by nugazer

Evan B RX Bandits, Mandala (2009)

Mandala is the RX Bandits' first album sans the horn section, which doesn't seem to phase the group. The disc is brimming with catchy songs and crafty musicianship. The band powers through album opener "My Lonesome Only Friend" [video of a live performance below], and soars through other highlights like "Bury It Down Low" and "White Lies." There are hints of the Mars Volta influences throughout the CD, which could only expected since Volta's Omar Rodriguez Lopez runs the Bandits' label, Sargent House. Lead singer/guitarist Mathew Embree announced recently that the band is already working on the follow-up.

What are you listening to right now? We want to know! Leave your answer below in the comments section...

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Mavis Staples, You Are Not Alone (2010)

Excellent new gospel/R&B release from one of the very best vocalists from both of those genres. Wilco's leader Jeff Tweedy produced this fantastic album and created a warm organic atmosphere for Mavis to do what she does best. Her distinctive husky soulful voice has aged well and is still as wonderful as in her days with family act The Staple Singers. I can already tell you this album WILL be on my top 10 best albums of 2010 list. It was easy to determine that upon my very first listen. An instant classic.

Brad Various Artists, Deep Six Compilation (1986)

This release by C/Z Records documents a particular sound that was going on in the Seattle region at the time; includes some of the earliest known recordings by from Soundgarden and The Melvins. Others featured on the comp are the U-Men, Green River, Skin Yard, and Malfunkshun.

DeborahDan Auerbach, Keep it Hid (2009)

The short set from The Black Keys at the Ask-Gary-Amp this Saturday has only left me wanting more. Since I've been playing the hell out of their 2010 release, Brothers, I decided to go back a little bit and give some ear time to singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach's solo release. Nothing on the album is a huge stretch from the Keys, but it's lovely to hear Auerbach have the freedom to play with so many different styles on the same album. From the soft harmonies and acoustic guitar of the opening "Trouble Weighs a Ton, " to "Heartbroken, In Disrepair" with it's sinister chords a la Johnny Marr (The Smiths) circa "How Soon Is Now?", this album doesn't disappoint.

Taylor Needtobreathe, The Outsiders (2009)

Awesomely orchestrated rock with a message.

Fake Problems, Real Ghosts Caught On Tape (2010)

How many bands can inspire crowd hugs several rows deep at Transitions Art Gallery? Fake Problems can! Real Ghosts Caught on Tape is officially out tomorrow... yay! This happy record is full of good songs that will make the perfect soundtrack as summer turns to fall. Check out "Soulless" and "ADT." Fans will like that "5678" picks up from "1234" from their last record, It's Great To Be Alive. I am looking forward to seeing Fake Problems open up for Gaslight Anthem and Matt & Kim in October.

Jeff Sister Hazel, Heartland Highway (Due out Oct. 12 on Rock Ridge Music)

The latest release from Gainesville's Sister Hazel, Heartland Highway features 12 new tracks that showcase the best of what the band has to offer. According to the press release, band members submitted a few tunes each for consideration and then served as producers for their own songs. The result is a slight eclectic feel, but the band's distinctive sound and style pulls it together. Review to follow shortly.

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