#MusicMonday, Vol. 44

What the CL Music Team is jamming this fine Monday, from Mat Kearney to White Denim to Handsome Furs (audio & video included!)

Gabe - Gavin Friday, Catholic (2011)
Brand new solo release from the former frontman of Irish experimental/art-rock combo The Virgin Prunes. His first release of original material since 1995 and it proves worth the wait. Dark moody pieces dominate Catholic as do Friday's trademark deep, whispered tones. Fans of Leonard Cohen and Sigur Ros will dig the feel and sound of this record. Gavin has always been a unique, underrated artist and this record more than proves his shimmering, undeniable talent.

Watch the Throne
  • Watch the Throne
Andrew - Kanye West and Jay Z, Watch the Throne (2011)
I'm weary of making grandiose claims like this, but in spite of myself I can't help it — Watch the Throne is an instant classic. Raunchy, insightful, wildly schizophrenic yet accessible; this is two of the best in the game climbing up creative peaks not traversed by anyone, including themselves. Out today via iTunes.

Joel - Handsome Furs, Sound Kapital (2011)
With Wolf Parade now on indefinite hiatus after last year's awesome Expo 86, singer Dan Boeckner can now spend some extra quality time with his wife — the other half of Montreal duo Handsome Furs. Albums of keyboards and drum machines aren't usually my thing, but I enjoy Boeckner's unique voice — and there are some fun, poppy moments like the 80's dance feel of "What About Us?" and the groovy guitar-fuzz of "Cheap Music."

Leilani - White Denim, D (2011)
Yet another awesome band from Austin, this swirly psychedelic rock/neo-prog/garage and acid blues outfit draws on the aesthetic of pretty much every awesome band from the 1960s and '70s — Pink Floyd, The Who, Steely Dan, Allman Brothers — and experiments with what they have to present swirling, epic songwriting that tends to bedazzle and get hooked you posthaste. This is White Denim's fourth studio album and debut as a four-piece with second guitarist Austin Jenkins, though D is my first introduction to the band. "At the Farm" is a personal favorite that opens with ramped up fuzzy-trippy bass and features really sweet guitar interplay. "Drug" is a good one, too. Listen to it below.

What the CL Music Team is jamming this fine Monday morning to kick off the work week. To check out previous entries, click here.

Ray - Mat Kearney, Young Love (2011)
Every now and then, good pop records grab a hold of me and won't let go. The new one from Oregon-born singer-songwriter Mat Kearney — Young Love — is a perfect example of that. "Hey Mama" is a lukewarm opening to the 10-track effort, but instantly memorable melodies and emotion-stirring chord changes are on full blast by the time the album's second track — "Ships In the Night" — arrives with its chorus-first goodness. Every cut seems like an anthem (try to not sing along to "Chasing The Light"), and there are even a couple of slow burners sprinkled in this perfectly sequenced tracklist. "Sooner or Later" sounds like Coldplay reincarnated without the English pretentiousness and "Rochester" is the introspective album closer that anyone who has ever written a song dreams of putting to tape. Young Love is addicting for each one its 2,367 seconds and I’m not sure I can work this one out of my system anytime soon.

Scott - Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room, Hurricane Season (2011)
Alkaline trio bassist and sometimes-singer Andriano's voice has always been the most soulful thing about the Chicago-bred punk trio; here, that smooth tenor - a unique balance between anguished melancholy and crooner smoothness - is laid against a mellower and often acoustic-driven sonic backdrop. It's pretty much what longtime Andriano fans would expect from a solo record, catchy, heartfelt and more eclectic than his A3 contributions. It's also very, very good. (Drops tomorrow via Asianman Records)

Taylor - Zee Avi, ghostbird (2011)
Another set of amiable, hammock-swinging ukulele tunes from Jack Johnson's Malaysian protege. Many songs are lyrically less than optimistic, but the melodies are so finger snappy that the album bops by with nary a depressing moment. A very enjoyable sophomore effort. Check out the video for "The Book Of Morris Johnson" after the jump. The album drops Aug. 23 via Brushfire Records.

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