Review: Fang Island at Local 662, St. Petersburg

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click to enlarge Review: Fang Island at Local 662, St. Petersburg - Andrew Silverstein
Andrew Silverstein
Review: Fang Island at Local 662, St. Petersburg

Even if I tried, I couldn't help leaving the Fang Island show with a big dumb smile, a warm fuzzy feeling, and with the firm mental confirmation that "yeah, life is okay right now." Because, aside from a virtuoso-like ability to shred their respective instruments into technical oblivion, this Brooklyn five-some emanates such an infectiously cheerful energy, I don't feel too offbase with my suspicions that they're all secret neuroscientists by day who've discovered the precise song patterns to release vast floods of dopamine in the brains of unsuspecting listeners.

Tin-foil hatted suspicions aside, Fang Island are a great embodiment of a young band with a unique vision as I learned after their show at the Local 662 last Thursday night.

It's also a vision that's often hard to pinpoint. With three guitars in tow, their sound is epic, but hardly serious. Their arena-crushing riffs are big, but welcoming, friendly almost. The bulk of their tracks emanate a whiff of cock-rock-iness, yet boast names like "Daisy," "Sisterly" and "Kindergarten." It's a weird web of quasi-contradiction that yields a wildly interesting product.

The group rifled through an even spread of tracks from their self-titled debut and latest, Major, with the precision and presence of an arena-rocking hair metal outfit, ironic but all the more fun, especially considering how close you could get amidst Local 662's sparse crowd. Guitars over heads; shrill solos backed by domineering power-stances; surprisingly powerful and well-utilized vocal harmonies; all meld for a theatrical spectacle far more deserving of an epic, open space than the cavernous club that confined them.

Clocking in at just around an hour, Fang Island's set felt as brief as it did fulfilling. By all observations, this burgeoning Brooklyn outfit seems beyond comfortable, elated almost, in their ongoing journey. It's infectious, almost unfairly feel-good-y at times, but theyy've got the chops to back it up as Thursday's night show worked to prove. In the end, it's pretty hard to knock that.

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