The definition of LIT - a look back at STOIC's leaving bash at The Bends with MountainHoller, Holiday, Rogerthomas, DEA & SAINT

A recap of the show that happened Thurs., March 10, in St. Petersburg

click to enlarge The definition of LIT - a look back at STOIC's leaving bash at The Bends with MountainHoller, Holiday, Rogerthomas, DEA & SAINT - The Bends
The Bends
The definition of LIT - a look back at STOIC's leaving bash at The Bends with MountainHoller, Holiday, Rogerthomas, DEA & SAINT

Josh Saint and Lynnsey June, aka DEA + Saint, are a local hip hop duo who not only boast a rather active performing schedule but juggle day jobs and do some writing, too. I first caught wind of their DIY journalistic talents via local skate-and-music 'zine Misprints, which featured an interview they performed with local prog-hop group Samurai Shotgun. It had a loose, laid-back, fun and lively vibe, its a gonzo feel spurred much in part by the duo's own roots in the local scene and connection to the subjects. I wanted to see more of it, here, on Ear Buds — content produced by local musicians about local musicians, with all formalities and pretense you find in standard media-artist interviews absent, making for a more authentic exchange between people actively sharing the common goal of enriching the local scene while trying to make a living in it... I was also intrigued by the idea of getting pieces covering the local scene as told from the perspective of those neck-deep working it.

This is their first contribution, from a show they played to see off STOIC, a dear friend and creative comrade who leaves for NYC today. It's dope, y'all. Enjoy it, and stay tuned for more from the dynamic duo. —Leilani Polk
On Thursday night, St. Pete celebrated the beginning of a new journey for one of it’s most influential members. The Annunaki lord himself STOIC is onto greener pastures, but not before a proper send-off from the squad, and of course The Bends. 

A freshly painted STOIC original served as the backdrop, while sound-activated lights set the mood, and the whole fam was ready to turn up! The creepers were made, the PBR’s extra cold, and the haze of cigarette smoke burned with anticipation for the night to come.

Kicking it all off was none other than Mountain Holler easing the crowd with his shamanic tones offering up peace, love, and light to all that were fortunate enough to be in the building. An acoustic guitar, incense, and a heartfelt well-wishing set the tone for Holiday. Another St. Pete staple, the artist otherwise known as Ricky Seelbach (accompanied by Sugarbear) left everyone feeling the synth life while they pumped bodies full of bass. Can you imagine a more fitting way to gear up for a healing session?

That’s literally what STOIC brought to the Annunaki table. Offering up new tracks from the vault and filling eardrums with classics from Cheaper Than Arrows and Beautiful & Dilapidated World, he shut that shit down! Inciting a full-blown dance riot with all of the super friends — yes, this is how you leave in style. Rogerthomas followed up with his mesmerizing guitar skills layered on top of dope production. This multi-faceted artist brings a little bit of everything the doctor ordered. Saxophone samples and love songs, he knows how to stir you to the very core of your being.

As if all of this talent wasn’t enough, we were up last to round out the night with raw passion for our homie, and the vibes were nothing but positive. The cool kids had no qualms with rocking into the twilight hours; it was like nobody wanted the party to end. The band set up, the mics were checked, and we threw down harder than ever before. Saint’s screams echoed down the hall while DEA dropped bars of enlightenment for the masses. Y’all already know we don’t play, even at 2 a.m.!

After the show everyone hugged it out knowing this wasn’t goodbye, it was merely a new beginning for our ever expanding scene and community. STOIC even took a moment to gift people with his artwork as a token to remember him by after he embarks on his journey to NYC.

After the dust settled from this epic night, we got STOIC on the phone to ask a few questions, and it went a little something like this:

D+S: What’s out there for you in NYC?
A mix of blind adventuring, exploration marketing, and a fresh scene with some internship opportunities.

Biggest thing you will miss about the Burg?
Support and friendship from fellow artists as well as the compassion behind the community and sense of family.

Most memorable part of the night?

Everyone circling around me and vibin’ out during my set and watching all of my friends before I left. VIBES AS FUCK DUDE, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

The moments shared at this event can never be duplicated but you can check out the artists that played this night below. Much love for STOIC, and blessings as he sets out to take over the Big Apple!

Much Love,

Featured Artists:

Mark Etherington




DEA + Saint

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