Review: Two Door Cinema Club hits The Ritz Ybor with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Bad Veins

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Two Door Cinema Club

I missed Two Door Cinema Club last year when they opened for Tokyo Police Club at Crowbar, but I didn't realize exactly what I'd missed out on. What I did know was that Crowbar was packed to capacity, and dozens of people were hanging around outside trying to hear them. Another oddity for an opening band — enough people left after they finished their set that we were allowed in to catch the headliner. That was intriguing enough to get me to pick up Two Door Cinema Club's album, Tourist History, and I fell in love with their happy catchiness. [Text by Marci, photos by Chris.]

Not wanting to be left out again when they returned as headliners, we made sure to get to The Ritz Ybor plenty early and ended up with enough time to spare hit our fave Ybor eatery, The Bricks. And there at the table next to us sat Alex Trimble, vocalist for TDCC, unassumingly eating a salad and graciously taking photos with fans. After some dinner and fan photos of our own, we headed back to the venue and caught the two opening acts. Both were fantastic.

Starting things off for the night was Cincinatti, Ohio's Bad Veins. They weren't on any event promos that I'd seen, so I had no idea they were playing and didn't have a chance to check them out in advance and solely based on the name (and the unavoidable association in my brain with Bad Brains), I imagined they'd be harder. Bad Veins turned out to be a very talented duo playing light, sweet, catchy, indie pop. The song that ended their set, which I found out later is titled "The Lie," sealed the deal for me to pick up their album.

Next up were indie scene veterans Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who clearly had a large following of their own in the audience. Lead singer Alec Ounsworth tends to mutter his lyrics and his live delivery was no exception. Still, even when you can't understand a word he's singing, he mumbles with clear feeling and it seemed like most of the crowd knew the words anyways. "Details of the War" was amazing live, with big drums and an almost painfully sharp harmonica solo. Their performance of "Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood" was another fantastic highlight, with many people in the crowd chanting along to the refrain: "They are child stars ... with their sex, and their drugs, and their rock, and rock, and rock and rock and roll, hey!"

With crowd properly amped up, Two Door Cinema Club were greeted by a packed house and kicked off with guitars blazing. From the balcony, it was an amazing sight, more people clapping and dancing than living the show through cell phones and cameras, a rarity at any concert nowadays. In fact, the only times that the crowd wasn't bouncing with hands raised in the air was when the group debuted three new tunes from their as yet untitled album that should hopefully be released within the year. Instead, the fans stood in rapt attention, occasionally clapping along to rhythms they'd not yet heard but were eagerly soaking up.

The threesome and touring drummer have clearly honed their craft during their short two years on the road, and they attacked every song just as hard as the last, all accompanied by a manic light show. They absolutely killed it on "Eat That Up, It's Good For You" and then carried the energy they'd built straight into "What You Know," which closed the set. And I found myself going as crazy as everyone else in the place when we heard the familiar vocal calls of "Ah oh ah ah oh, ah oh ah ah oh" that signaled the beginning of their hit "I Can Talk" during the encore. It was a great way to end a great evening, and I can guarantee you I won't be missing out on a chance to see them again.

Cigarettes In The Theatre
Undercover Martyn
Do You Want It All?
This Is The Life
Wake Up (new)
Something Good Can Work
You Are Not Stubborn
This Is Moon (new)
Costume Party
Handshake (new)
Eat That Up, It's Good For You
What You Know

Sleep Alone (new)
Come Back Home
I Can Talk

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