Sipping the South: Southern drinking songs

Jack Daniels and honky tonks are the vibes of the hour in this drunken, rowdy playlist.

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Whiskey, honky tonks and plain ol’ Southern inebriation are the running themes for this Drinking Issue playlist, whether the booze are supplying pleasure, granting escape, or serving as the source of all evils.

“Alligator Wine,” Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Sample lyric: “Add a cup of green swamp water / And then count from one to nine / Spill over your left shoulder / You got alligator wine.”

“Alabama Song (Whisky Bar),” The Doors. “Oh, moon of Alabama / We now must say goodbye / We’ve lost our good old mama / And must have whiskey, oh, you know why.”

“Dead, Drunk and Naked,” Drive-By Truckers. “Me and old Jack Daniel’s, become the best of friends / We got all them Baptist’s to die for our sins / I know the lord is coming / The South will rise again! (Dead, drunk, and naked).”

“Only Whiskey,” Scott H. Biram. “Love of my life until I’m dead / Only whiskey can sleep in my bed.”

“One Mint Julep,” Rudy Toombs/Ray Charles. “Now, I don’t want to bore you with my troubles / But from now on I’ll be thinking double / I’m through with flirting and drinking whiskey / I got six extra children from a-getting frisky.”

“Whiskey Rock-A-Roller,” Lynyrd Skynyrd. “Take me down to Memphis town, bus driver get me there / I got me a queenie she got long brown curly hair / She likes to drink Old Grandad and her shoes do shuffle around / And everytime I see that gal / Lord she wants to take me down.”

“Ybor City,” JJ Grey & Mofro. “I know a rowdy place where / the whiskey’s warm and women are, too / when I get to Ybor City / all them women going to love me through and through.”

“Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound,” Hank Williams, Jr. “Play me the songs about Ramblin’ Man / Put old Jim Beam in my hand / ‘Cause you know I still love to get drunk / And hear country sounds / But don’t you play, Your Cheatin’ Heart / ‘Cause that’ll tear me all apart.”

“Jack Daniels, If You Please,” David Allan Coe. “Jack Daniels, if you please knock me to my knees / Your the only friend there has ever been that didn’t do me.”

“Sloppy Drunk,” Jimmy Rogers. “Well I love that moonshine whiskey now, tell the world I do / Yes I love that moonshine whiskey now, tell the world I do / Now this is the reason why that I drink, I’m just trying to get along with you.”

“From Hillbilly Heaven to Honky Tonk Hell,” Kenny Chesney feat. George Jones and Tracy Lawrence. “Somewhere in Hazzard / On a dark, dead-end street / Where whiskey and heartache / And old memories meet / He looks for salvation / In a bottle each night / And just goes on livin’ / Though he’s lost his life”

“Drink with the Living Dead,” Ghoultown. “He lowered his hat, checked his gun and headed toward the bar / walked on up beside me, I knew he’d traveled far / in a voice as thick as mud he looked to the ‘keep and said… / ‘one shot of whiskey for myself and one for my new friend.’”

“Sue Jack Daniels,” The Reverend Horton Heat. “I’m gonna sue Jack Daniels / for hitting me with a trunk of a big ol’ live oak tree / he hurt me this morning with the bright sun light / I’m gonna sue Jack Daniels for what he did to my face last night.”

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